OT little buddy DTone midi confusion loop


Hi all I hope you are well
I bought a digitone to go with my octatrack.
Although the sequences are similar I feel I want the OT sequencing the DT
But I want to be able to step record chord midi from the DT to the OT for ease getting the chords as the OT
I was using midi track 1 set to send midi on channel 5 where the 0t receives
I had it working for a bit but seem to have drifted somewhere as now every time I hit a note on tge DT I get caught in a noisy midi loop.
Also I was pressing notes from the DT and it was cycling channels on my OT and crashing
I had it and lost it and lost it.
Any idea what I might be doing wrong here please?


DT is Digitack, Digitone is DN. Please don’t add confusion to confusion. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what is your goal. You want to sequence DN with OT but you want to record chords with DN and record them to OT after? :sketchy:


Thank you, so say they are both playing, I want to play the pre set chords with one button on the DN (0T lacks this feature) send it to the midi in of the octatrack which goes midi out back to the DN but playing a synth track?


Ok, that’s easier to understand for me!
OT is master, DN slave ?

DN freezes? After what actions?
I don’t have DN, I read it could freeze with certain conditions. Latest stable OS?

What channels do you use?
Maybe a safer way would be to use OT auto channel selected for DN track playing chords…


Yes octatrack master.
That’s an interesting reply that raised another question for me I’ll read this a few times…

Thanks dude


In one sentence, Auto Channel is the midi channel you have to choose on external device to control the active track of a device. :thinking:


Don’t forget that on the Octatrack incoming midi notes are mapped to controls, unlike the Digitone which is a synth and uses the full chromatic scale for notes, so it’s very likely yo have been triggering actions on the OT when playing the DN


True for audio tracks, not midi tracks.

Midi tracks channels have to be different from audio track channels, unless you use midi loopback.

If an audio track and a MIDI track share the same MIDI channel, the MIDI track will block the audio track from sending out data while the audio track will block the MIDI track from receiving data.


Might not have been the case: the OP should check the audio tracks midi assignments. He sends DN midi notes on ch5 to the OT, which is by default mapped to audio track 5, (at least that was my OT’s default setting).

Typical symptom of midi notes commanding the OT (I presume the OP meant “cycle TRACKS” because “cycle channels” doesn’t mean much). G#4 and A4 are track previuous-track next commands and these are exacltly in the “middle C octave” (middle C = C4)


Probably yes. But usually there’s no crash, but a sequencer stop for example.

Midi Channel choices are important.
Auto Channel (different from audio tracks channel) from DN recorded by a midi track should work.

Depends on manufacturers, or products for Elektron (C4 is an octave lower or upper in A4/AK! :smile:)


It’s most widely accepted as the standard. Anyway, it’s very likely notes are being played in the range were OT commands track & rec commands are mapped, let’s put it this way then


Some people say C3 is the standard, even big brands. I just say beware of that. Middle C is midi note 60. Maybe C5 is more logical, because it makes midi notes start at C0.

  • C3 : Yamaha and Steinberg (Cubase)…
  • C4 : Roland / Elektron (OT, MD…)…
  • C5 : Sonar / Elektron (A4/AK…)…


Anybody notice particularly with Octatrack how someone asks a question looking for clarity and what follows is some sort of techy precise semantical debate that gets more and more confusing until the solution/facts of the matter/nitty gritty is finally revealed after a bunch of confusing posts? :thinking:

Then the answer is usually there but later folks get confused reading the posts that lead to it and end up asking the question again later on the thread. Sometimes it gets answered again as if it wasn’t already earlier in the thread. Sometimes the same person answers twice with like a year or more in between…


Agreed; the “is note #60 a middle C” was not neccessary.


Yes you’re right, there wasn’t enough confusing post, thanks for adding one! :smile:

In that case, be sure that a note is the right one is important to me, with these middle C variations. I don’t even know if all Elektrons use C4 (except A4/AK with its C5).

As the OP don’t describe more, hard to tell.

Middle C being note #60 is the only sure thing.


The topic is about midi confusion loop. Let’s talk about system exclusive. :stuck_out_tongue: