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maybe useless to mention but i sometimes got some fine sounds out from my OT when the fader has a certain position, therefore it would be nice to save a certain state (according to the fader-position) to a scene as default

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Granular machine type, which allows moving of the start parameter in the audio editor directly, it could have pitch and 3 start parameters - coarse which divides the whole waveform into upto 127 steps, medium which divides coarse into upto 127 steps, and fine which divides medium into upto 127 steps. Obviously once you get above or below a certain length of sample the divisions would have to be scaled accordingly but I’m sure Elektron could figure something out.


Scene lock locks: in pattern like we have in arranger, but you hold a step and A or B button and the step locks the values of the scene including the crossfader value, for example you have delay send on scene A locked at 0 and on scene B delay send is locked at 127, you hold the step where you want to place the lock, move the fader to middle position and the scene is locked for that step at delay send 64, obviously any other parameters scene locked parameters will also be locked to their values, like you might also have delay time locked at 32 on scene A and 64 on scene B, so it’s value would be locked at 48 (middle of 32 and 64).

Step preview: When in grid record holding a step and pressing YES will preview the sound with all the locked parameters associated to the step, this would speed up programming considerably, and bring the Octatrack sequencer more up to date, we already have sample preview in the sample browser (more on that next)

Auto sound preview: An option to automatically sound samples in the browser when scrolling, could be turned on/off in personalise menu.

Select samples and batch load: Highlight a bunch of samples and load to the next available slots, for flex and static.

Audio editor: Combine samples to new file, in the sample browser highlight a bunch of samples, go into audio editor, select “Highlighted samples combine” the Octatrack joins the highlighted samples into one long file (memory dependant of course) with the option to have no gap, x gap (samples or seconds) or gap according to longest file (for slice simplicity)

Loop/trim boundaries: When setting the start and end of a loop or trim, sometimes I want the end to move when I move the start, sometimes it is annoying, so a option to do either would be better.

Intelligent slice: Slice to zero crossing and slice by x divisions are great, but not always suitable, slice to transient based on number of sounds in sample, so a 16 step long loop with only 12 sounds could be sliced by transient to 12 with the Octatrack having a few algorithmsfor various kinds of sample eg beat, notes, mixed etc. Once sliced it asks “OK?” if you press yes you exit, if you press no it retries a different way.

Trig Lock conditions: When entering the TRC menu (step and < or >) if you turn the level encoder it does the usual step TRC, but if you turn another encoder first (page dependent, of course) it adjusts the value of the parameter, then you turn the level encoder to set the conditional rule (eg 25%, 1:2 or whatever)

NOT for A:B type conditional locks: it would be great to have say NOT 3:4 so it will play on 1st, 2nd, 4th iterations but NOT the 3rd.

Per track conditions: In scale setup each track could loop (default) or play only according to conditions. This would make even more permutations possible when combined with the step condition locks within the track.

Conditional locks for slide and recorder trigs: Would be amazing.

LEN 1 in arranger: This would make reversing the playback order of trigs in a pattern possible in the arranger, the current minimum of 2 doesn’t.

Step record like the monomachine: Hold REC press STOP to enter step entry, when in trig modes chromatic, slice or slot entering complex patterns would be much easier, when an event is entered the step advances, arrows could be used to enter a rest or move back.

Super copy like monomachine: Hold copy a little longer and a menu pops up offering copy options such as just locks, just condition, just trig, just current page parameters locks, etc.

Lawsuit phaser option: In the setup for the phaser can we have the option to have the earlier incarnation of the phaser back which had much stronger feedback before a user complained and it got changed to the tamer version some years back.


What he said

A “creat new scene with current settings” function. Good idea.

“Granular machine type” - please god make this happen.

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A naked see-through OT. (The music just turns me on)!:kiss::kiss::kiss:

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but PLEASE go back to the MkI frontpanel serigraphics including the BANK LETTER ID’S !!! Same for my DigiTone. It’s a real PAIN that bank 13 is called bank M, no my brain doesn’t know that correspondance by heart, no I won’t learn it and no it would not have cost one penny more: you NEVER should have modified this on the MkII models. If it’s bank M, than just label the button “M”. Or if the button is labeled “13”, than call that bank “13”. We already need to deal with totally differents ways to recall banks, patterns and patches over midi for each and every device we own, it was really not necessary to add yet another complication for free. Thanks!

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And another thingy: please introduce consistency with button led colors over the entire Elektron range. On my OT , an active track is indicated in red. On my DN, an active track is green, and a muted track is red.

When switching from one to the other in a live set there’s always this tiny “brain hiccup” to adjust to the “other” signalisation code. That makes things less fluid and more stressful than they should and could.

It almost looks like Elektron is intentionally forcing brain gymnastics upon us to make their devices look mysterious and deep, but many things are just unneccessary complications. In conjuction with my previous post: Please simplify wherever you can.


Can’t we just have a FW update that names banks numerically so that butons correspond to bank ID again? Bank 13-pattern 01. Easy!

A ‘global’ mastertrack:

  • an option to ’disconnect’ the T8 Mastertrack from the Parts
  • mastertrack could be defined ‘per bank’ or ‘per project’
    That way you can adjust during live act the Mastertrack which wouldn’t change each time the part changes. In my case where the OT is the final machine in my set up before the sound system, I wouldnt have the surprise of sudden compression changes (i don’t have a solid process to have consistent final T8 set up throughout the whole machine)

On thru tracks, track + edit (track + audio edit on mk2?) should bring up the editor for that track’s track recorder. Currently does nothing. Useful if you are track recording into that track and want to quickly edit. I’m used to pressing track + edit to edit the audio for a track.

OT MkII needs the screensaver. all the other oled machines have it…


Does the screensaver issue still exist? Nobodys reported burn out screen for a while.

IMHO the MK2s are still too young to show the ageing effects of the organic materials used in the OLED display.

Having a new MK2 this concerned me. But i read it only applies for several hours of continual use. Is this correct? Using it for an hour should be okay.

REC AB + Bank works to open the editor with the active track’s recording buffer. :wink:


I’ve had my mk2 screen replaced twice because of burn in. :frowning:

This one seems better (tho I am actively ignoring it!)


append recording mode: start recording, press to stop, press again to record again and append the new recording directly to the end of the first recording. Useful to build up chains on the machine itself, etc.