OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Had a dream last night where they added a wavetable synth to the OT and you could morph thru the tables with the crossfader… Guess it’s back to sleep for me! :sleeping:

Wavetable synthesis

Wake up and try this :
Wavetable synthesis


Trig copy like A4MK2
Copy one trig multiple times by holding the trigs you want to copy to.
Add p-locks to trig 1 -> copy -> hold trigs 5,7,8,12 whatever -> past -> trigs 5,7,8,12 whatever now = trig1
Right now you have to hold each trig individually to copy to


Do we know if there´s anything that surely will be added/improved with an upcoming update?


There is no guarantee that there will be any further updates for the Octatrack.


For mkII users, this is a complete bummer. The machine isn’t even that old!


If you haven’t, try messing with the audio editor start/end with looping sample. You can zoom in and change the length to be extremely tiny and then scan the waveform… Much more precise than flex page parameters, but can’t be automated…


I know, but technically it’s the same machine (that’s why it’s called Mark 2 and not v2) with just some (cosmetic) face lifting done. Elektron declared the OT feature complete long ago. But they changed their minds and brought conditional trigs to it afterwards.

So in a way: it already happened once :wink:


I´m about to buy a MKII and it´s horrible to hear that.


want to buy mine?


I will just dump it then


Please! We had trig conditions update for MKI (and MKII?), it was a great surprise. Wait for a V2, or buy a Model:Samples to be sure to have updates! :tongue:


Are you from Spain?


We’ll get by…somehow :slight_smile:


Elektron could start periodically taking away features from the Octatrack as other devices get updated and it’ll still be more capable for quite some time…


I hope this was already posted before.:blush:
If there ever will be a hardware update to the Octatrack, I would love to have separate outs for each track. This Feature makes the Rytm outstanding in terms of mixing, recording and sound design. At least for me. It’s like getting out of that groove box feeling into something… bigger…
But if there will be no updates at all , then I’m happy with what it does today and hope elektron will never ever stop producing and servicing this lovely, timeless and magical… Thing.


But thinking again, maybe that’s really not that much practical, considering all Octa-Tracks are stereo.


It is a magical thing indeed. Already so much is possible for each track within OT so for me at least that’s plenty and I try to mix it all as good as possible within OT so no separate outs is really needed.


I’d love individual outs, personally…not gonna ditch my OT over it though :slight_smile:


8 stereo outputs, and 8 stereo inputs of course. :wink: