OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

Wish you could input trigs via midi. You’d be able to use a 64 pad controller to control all your trigs at once. I’m sure someone would make a compatible launchpad pro firmware quite easily, or monome with visual feedback.

Limiter (effect).


I think that freeze delay is a great feature, but it is very hard to use it properly as manual activation timing has to be very precise to stay in the rhythm. I think some kind of activation quantizing would be awesome - so the part for the freezing is taken not precisely from the point where the button is pressed, but from closest (1/4 1/8 1/16 etc) devisions of the bar. Also would be great if there would be some kind of key combination in the freeze delay mode so OT could play the desired “frozen loop” right until the end of the bar.
Does it make any sense?

You can always make a copy of your pattern but parameter lock the delay send to 0 to get the freeze delay on desired steps.
Or you use som trick with having a flex machine with internal sampling.

You can set FREEZE DELAY settings using ONE SHOT trigs or FILL TRC on the Track 8 set as Master track. Activate One Shots holding Yes.
Place a trig with right settings at the beginning of the pattern to stop the repeat.

This works really well. Can’t detail settings now.


I have recently spent some time to get my head around the pickup machines on the Octatrack and i think it finally has clicked. The way they are setup allows a lot of flexibility in terms of synchronising the pickup machines to the sequencer and vice versa in various ways. Super fun and actually not that complicated when it finally clicks.

There are however a few things i wolld like to see improved, which i think would make the pickup machines even better:

  • Improved visualisation of pickup machine state (stopped, playing, recording, overdubbing, replacing). It would be nice if it could be visualized with larger/clearer icons somehow for the currently selected pickup machine track. Perhaps in the recorder setup page or as a new trig mode where the trig leds could indicate what is going on in the pickup machine.

  • Support for sequencer trigs. It would be nice if the sequencer could be used to trigger envelopes and LFOs on the pickup machine track. Currently you have to use a neighbour track if you want this kind of functionality. And an issue with using neighbour machines after pickup machine tracks like this (in a setup where multiple pickup machines are used) is that memory allocated for the pickup machine recorders are allocated in recorder order from 1-8. So if you stick a neighbour track in between two pickup machines you basically waste memory on the unused neighbour track recorder. A better solution here i think would be to merge the neighbour machine and the thru machine. Basically a through machine with the ability to also select any tracks output as input. I have no idea if this would be technically possible tho.

  • Functionality to undo latest overdub (would increase memory usage tho since i assume each pickup machine would need two recorder buffers)

I doubt we’ll ever see any major updates to the OT tho. But i just wanted to put this out there just in case… who knows… perhaps one day we’ll get an OT2 =)

Anyways, it is quite incredible what this machine actually can do. There is really nothing else like it!

You can play your Pickup recording on any track, with trigs.

Some workarounds with 2 recorders, Flex, patterns. Go to previous pattern to undo.

I still don’t like pickups after 4 years with OT, I much prefer Flex + Recorders, all parameters available. The main advantage for me would be syncing the seq with a first loop. I never do that. Overdub can be done with Flex, but I admit Pickups are already set up for that. But sometimes it says Dub Aborted, even if OT is master.

of interest? though the stereo position is fixed at centre

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this style of controller is on the OT template someone made on midi designer pro (iOS)

And Manifold has the slices version - huge grid

Ask @qlamerand! If synced, it should work, using live recording (except note remove).

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Can only live record to one track at a time. Well chromatic anyway. Pretty sure sample trigs record across all the tracks…

Haha I started working on it last week. I still have a small timing issue but it should work.
Also I’m trying this week to finish the second version of my 32 step sequencer firmware.

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We should make specifications for this :slight_smile:

I know this can be done by realtime resampling the output of the pickup machine on a flex track. This technique is great and can be taken even further for all sorts of crazy results. I love that things like this are possible on the OT. However, i find it is a little bit of a waste that the envelopes (amp, filter etc) and LFOs cant be triggered on pickup machine track directly from the tracks sequencer. This would keep it simpler. Loopers in general (i think) is about being in the zone. Less complexity and setup would be good in this case.

Hmm interesting. Will try to explore this. I wonder if it would be possible to set this up to be triggered as an undo function from a single midi pedal.

Yes if you can send prog changes. Create a topic! :wink:

Manipulate Arranger with your foot :):sunglasses:


Idk if it’s been said, and there’s probably a work around, but I would really appreciate for slicing to include a fade in option to avoid clicks.

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Good call. There are more important things before that though.


If you turn on “Dynamic Recorders” the recorders can access any free memory and then “Reserve Recordings” becomes like a fail safe to make sure you can always sample. You can then reserve less or none and also be able to make very long samples…

A pickup machine records to the recorder buffer of the same number as the track number the pickup is loaded on. If there’s a pickup on track one then any flex track can play it by simply assigning “recording1” as the default sample or it can be sample locked per trig on a flex track playing a different default sample…

You can make for example several different flex tracks all playing “recording1” with different settings for each. One sliced, one reversed, one gated with trigless envelopes, all different fx, etc… When you record to the pickup track all instances of “recording1” playing on flex tracks get updated in realtime.


Page button + trig 1/2/3/4 to skip to that page would make me feel less like I’m using a type writer. Also it would be faster to use it to quickly create or take away pages