OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Nope. I’m talking totally separate projects. Banks are within the projects themselves.


I would like to use the two cue outputs as sends for external effects. Could be realized while OT is in studio mode by a very simple OT-FX.



Lfo designer to crossfader mode :heart_eyes:

The lfo designer would let you draw the curve of the crossfader, and the lfo would send crossfader values to DEST parameter…


Some type of functionality for the Crossfader in the MIDI section. Even if it’s just LFO DEPTH … please. something.

The argument that it could “overload midi” doesn’t really work in my opinion if you look at how fast LFOs can swing on their own on the same wire… I doubt someone could ride the crossfader so fast to somehow manually perform that many operations to the point it would become problematic - or comparable to what 3 LFOs on 8 tracks currently could do…

But let’s say there is a possibility you could go overboard with such a feature, then just add a limit of only one parameter per track to go from 0-127 left to right - so a max of 8 parallel value changes (cc)

That’s all i want. 0-127. please.

every time im writing i have so many ideas for a scene transition involving midi it’s disheartening this is missing.


Some way to have a bigger screen , on a tablet or phone (probably not possible , but a nice dream)


That’d be great. I didn’t wait and use an external midi processor to map crossfader’s CC48 to any midi message. There’s is one dedicated : @guga’s Goliath.


Beautiful workaround :wink:


That’s an amazing idea. I did disable CC EXT on the OT because it was affecting my Digitone SYN settings - which is part of my daisy chain. So if i want to use this CC i need to filter it somehow to not go past that processor?

Midi Processors with Octatrack

…link here, just in case :slight_smile: :control_knobs: although currently not in stock but should be available again soon

edit: thx for mentioning it @sezare56 :smile:


Trust me, I’d love MIDI scenes as well, but has anyone tested what happens when you send 8 midi tracks with cc plocks, arps, and 24 super fast lfo’s through a din cable? Can the OT already overload a din connection?


I probably asked for it before but what the hell, can we haz trig conditions for track recorders pleez?

I think it would really be an amazing addition and open up a ton of creative possibilities, yeah it can be done with midi loopback, but frankly such irresponsible midi routing is not becoming of a refined gentlemen such as myself.


Uh you can Already reload parts…


Another oldie but a goodie that I asked for a long time ago is PAN in AMP page, there is a blank space right next to balance for it even!

So the difference between pan and balance is that pan selects which side of the L&R is dominant, centre is equal, and balance places the sound in the stero field. (actually I’d prefer balance to be called pan and vice versa, but from the start pan has always been called balance in OT land, so lets stick with that)

The advantage of course of this is that it allows a lot more possibilities when using stereo samples, for example having left and right channels contain slightly or entirely different sounds (with the same stereo file) and using say an LFO or the crossfader or whatever else you fancy to modulate between the L&R independent of where in the stereo image the balance is placing them.

For example load up a stereo sample with a BD on left side and a Snare on the right side, you want both sounds to play in the centre of the stereo image, so balance is set to centre, now when you use pan you can select BD only by having pan fully CCW, snare only by having pan fully CW, or equal BD and snare by having pan at centre. So effectively pan allows crossfading the L&R, balance places its position in the stereo field.


Midi loopback is the musical equivalent of the human centipede.


I would like to be able to change active track by midi

in a looped way in both directions:
Thank you :grin:


I just noticed the Delay-Control button overlay is not available in the MIDI section of the sequencer and it seems like an odd limitation.

Once the user understands that the delays are only active on the audio tracks where they are configured (isn’t it obvious enough?), this optional button overlay becomes a great utility for when you currently perform on MIDI.

Having “remote” access from the MIDI side of things is a very useful thing to have, and a choice. Choice is good!

PS: If there would be any harm having this option please let me know.


Yeah loop would be a logical behavior, and would save a midi switch.


I don’t understand what you are talking about…


Press FUNC + UP, a menu appears which says TRACKS, CHROMATIC, SLOTS. It has 6 different options that change what the buttons do when not in REC-MODE. On audio it has DELAY CTRL as last option (press DOWN with the list open). When you switch to MIDI this list only has 3 options for no apparent reason.

EDIT: well, obviously SLOTS would have no place in MIDI, but DELAY CTRL would be very useful and no harm in my opinion. They have Quick Mute on both for example.


Ok I get it, thanks for precisions. I think with external midi control you can find some workarounds with scenes, or plays free midi tracks with different delay settings.
No midi control but you can also try FILL conditions with different delay settings, One Shot trigs (hold YES to use them as FILL).

Kidding? And with Slices it would be great! :slight_smile: