OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Did I mention 16 parts ?

Yeah, totally justifies an mk3.


That’s not what I meant. Just saying I’d be curious to see what else they’d come up with


Well I remain hopeful nonetheless. As you stated, TRCs were post “end of line.”


Or no more feature ? :tongue:


I would really like to see the possibility to lock a project (make it read-only)*, not only on the OT, but all Elektron devices.
*this is optional: and to set it for startup (could be a switch in the global setting, like [start with last project | load template at startup"])

This way it would be possible to create a template that store all needed settings and MIDI routings, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally overwriting it.




Very sad to hear that Elektron wont be supporting the Octatrack with futher updates. There’s so, so many simple features that could be easily added that would effectively ‘fix’ the machine for people with a desired workflow similar to mine.

Many seem to have been suggested for years without being addressed. It blew my mind recently to find that slices couldn’t be triggered over midi natively, and that once again workarounds are the only solution, without any guarantee. (Massive props to those that make those efforts, though.)

If there really is no update in the pipeline, then I think I’d be hard pushed not to sell my MKII very soon. Apologies for the vent.


Lately I’ve been wishing that rather than a Neighbor track there was a Bus track so I could send any groups of tracks I want to a bus no matter the track position. Maybe one day.


Possible with CUE. Send your tracks to CUE, record CUE, play it with a FLEX and you have your bus track.


Is there some sort of latency? You just have the flex tracks always recording and playing the cue at the same time?


Very short. You have to add +1/384 microtiming to the Flex trig.
Yes continuous CUE recording with a rec trig on any track recorder, and continuous play with any Flex machine playing corresponding recording buffer. Of course it’s easier to use a recorder and a Flex on the same track.


Very cool. I’m going to try this out. Thanks as always my OT guru.


Global swing would be nice :slight_smile:




That will adjust the main output level…


Not in swing page.


Has “save current crossfader position as new scene” been requested often? Sometimes you find that perfect beat on there, but having a 1/128 chance of recreating it is kind of a bummer…


It has been requested. Good idea but not easy to implement.

Workaround : you can recall that position very precisely with midi tracks, sending crossfader CC48 corresponding value with midi loopback. You can also recall any scene via midi.

If it’s THE perfect beat : resample it! :grinning:


I would love to have subfolders in sets. So my mounted set is /Set001/ and in that is my AUDIO folder and project folders. I’d love to be able to have sub folders to organize projects by album work, remixes, fun stuff, etc. So like

It’d make it so much easier to organize!


Wouldn’t that be Banks?