OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


As far as I can remember, there is no official announcement. However, Elektron staff are reported as saying to some users that there will be no new features for the OT. We can still hope for bug fixes, although we can imagine that it might be Elektron’s lowest priority in the current circumstances.


For Info: There was another OT feature request (smaller and newer), this is now closed, but browsable here …


Can they be merged?


Threads that overlap create an almighty mess … it seemed best to just retire one, not that it was a big deal either way, given where the OT is in its development cycle :thup:


in Grid Mode, when playback is stopped, rather than a slighter stronger red that is currently used to indicate the bar of the Page brace of l.e.d.'s when the amount of bars is more than one, i would suggest a yellow/orange l.e.d.

As the slightly stronger red indicator is difficult to perceive from an angle sometimes.

When playback is engaged, the blinking yellow l.e.d. makes it easy to view the current bar.


One of the more important features I would like to see in the new OSs for the Octatrack MKI is tempo locks. It’s painful to have to change manually the bpm everytime from a song to song in a gig. There is a silence between songs that I cannot avoid if I have to manually dial the new bpm.

Does the Digitak already does it?
Do you think we will have this in the future OS releases?


We can’t rule it out, but any major change to the way that the OT operates seems unlikely.

The way to address what you want would be to use the Arranger to pre-program tempos for each of your songs and then to either chain your Arrangements or put one or more of your songs into an Arrangement (if there are sufficient rows).


Ability to disable plocking of incoming midi data !
Very boring with midi loopback. :nej:


wow !! os update is amazing !!!

I would be glad if it was possible to set different tempo for each track (it could make some really nice and weird rhythms offset !! :slight_smile:

would love to…

anyway, thanks for the major update !!!


Haha. You again. :wink:
I have enough with scale setup per track !
Eventually you can modulate playback speed with Rate set to Timestretch…:sketchy:

I wrote my feature request at the same time.

An Hold mode to stay in Microtiming page, and modify TRCs peacefully. Quite boring to press trig+arrow > level knob.

FN+ARROW=HOLD Microtiming. :thup:


You can already turn off a lot of different incomming messages. What are you missing? Can you describe a usecase?


Since (on one project at least), I’m playing a few long stems, I’d love a way to be able to forward / reverse through the song. If I managed to stop the song accidentally, being able to pick up from where I left off would be invaluable to me. Partly why I picked up the MPC Live (which will be even better for me, if they implement disk streaming).


Thanks for paying attention to this. :content:

With midi loop back, I control audio tracks with midi tracks (CCs and notes).
If I plock in audio or midi mode, it plocks incoming CC’s or Notes too. I can’t filter them, because I use them.

My only workaround to plock a value is to stop the sequencer, or mute midi tracks.
I’d much prefer to disable incoming midi data plock ability, which I never use.

Thanks for TRCs, a Microtiming page Hold mode would be great too ! :thup:


For sliced drum beats, I’d love the option to do the following:

Whilst in Grid Record mode, if I press and hold a Trig (lets call it TRIG A), the selected track’s sample slices then appear across the 16 trig buttons/4 pages, as per the normal ‘Slices’ mode. We’ll call this the Slice Select interface.

While in the Slice Select interface, I can click around the slices, auditioning which I would like to take the place of TRIG A. The slice trig that I’ve pressed last holds a Red Colour, and the original slice holds a yellow colour for reference. All the others are green. When I have selected the slice I want, I press YES and the slice is assigned to TRIG A.

This would be super useful for programming intricate slices in manually! Hopefully much more visual and tactile than using the STRT encoder, which sometimes feels like guesswork to me.

Any opinions? (Loving the OT MK2!)


Do you know about slice mode?


Hey Mike,

Yep, but I’m just referring to being able to carefully select a slice for an individual trig in grid record using the 16 buttons (meanwhile letting you preview it), rather than the STRT encoder - does that make sense?

Otherwise I find myself having to wait for the pattern to roll round to hear what I’m slicing in there


Yep, using it lots!
Perhaps a simpler version of my suggestion - imagine pressing [TRIG] + [PLAY] on a programmed trig in Grid Record Mode played that trig - so you could hear what the sample slice is in Isolation, instead of having to play the whole pattern and listen for it in situ.

The suggestion in my first post is an extension of this - offering an interface where you can select a specific slice using the buttons rather than the encoders - previewing it rather than programming blind


or even just hearing the slice when it’s pressed and held automatically! and maybe just hearing that out of the Cue output, or the Main as well! Maybe the command should be [TRIG] + [CUE]


Right, Grid Recording was part I didn’t think about… I was too quick to respond… :slight_smile:


No worries :slight_smile:

So to summarise, the request is:

Preview individual trigs in grid record mode!

Maybe I should have said that the first time hehe.
This would surely make the OT a much more powerful machine for those who like to program music manually!