OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Adjustable clock shift/timing wobble/humanized trig placement would be really great


I’d like to be able to assign custom color to track buttons on MK2 so I can tell which track is a bass, drums, melody etc.
It would be also nice if this custom color was followed on the trigger buttons for quick mutes etc.


Not sure if it is already requested, but a comprehensive MMC protocol support for the OT MIDI implementation would be brilliant!


Is there a way to turn off note length and velocity for incoming midi data? I’d like to use a keyboard to input chords but having to remove the velocity and note length every time is a bit annoying. My keys can’t lock to max velocity either


Not at present.


How about just showing us where our plocks live with dim LEDs when you hold down a trig, like it does for scenes… :slight_smile:


ah no worries. cheers


+1 for FX bypass
Yes / No + Effect 1 or Effect 2


Small and probably not gonna happen but i’d really like to see an option to make the play button restart the pattern like an MPC, I really don’t find myself using pause that much due to the lack of transport controls and I like bouncing into a track by spamming the ‘play from start’ button a couple of times on the MPC. I’d like to be able to do it not slaved. Crossfader to transport could be interesting…


Set pattern jump to minimum (2 steps) and bounce between two patterns? I think that’s the closest you’re gonna get. Real shame we can’t do direct jump unquantised like on the newer machines.


There’s an empty parameter box on the bottom right of the amp section. When set to audio cc out the knob there doesn’t send any midi.
I think it would be cool if it did so we could have a knob available on the audio side as one free external midi cc control(per track), that doesn’t change an audio parameter at the same time. :slight_smile:
It could just be a fixed cc like the other knobs, doesn’t even need to be changeable…


Naming midi-cc’s in Ctrl1/2


Did anyone say “MIDI clock swing” yet?

MIDI clock swing!

Really, that should be a standard feature on anything that can output clock but it rarely is.


Can you direct jump on OTmk2?


Yes, but you’ll probably want to wear thick soled shoes to avoid injury.


I’d never really thought about it before but I’d love to see the OT have a mode where you could tap in your trigs in real time but they wouldn’t actually play as you tapped them, only on the next cycle through the loop, like this:

It would get rid of the problem when tapping in quantized patterns live, where the groove changes between the live laying and the quantized playback. For people who like to build up their stuff live from scratch as much as possible that would be really useful. Ican’t think of an off the shelf drum machine, new or old, that does this.

I guess you could fake it by muting the track you were working on but that’s pretty limiting.


very happy now that my first feature request is achievable with MIDI TRCs :slight_smile: LFO designer + TRCs for the fking win, the combination of these two features seriously put the OT in a class of its own as a sequencer and modulation source


new effect: Envelope Follower. Like a touch-wah, or a Q-Tron auto wah effect.

essentially it would detect the start portions of sound events and apply the Filter Dpt setting to it, from below or above the user’s setting of the Base Width and Q Notch.

currently this happens if the Dpt parameter is set to anything other than zero, when a file is trigged.

if a single sample is being Trig Sequenced then effectively this Auto Wah effect is already achievable.

but for a single four bar looping audio file, it would require an Envelope Follower auto wah kind of effect programming implementation.


also an Elektron take on the idea of a Transient Designer effect … essentially working like the Envelope Follower, but rather than putting an auto-wah on the start of any audio envelope event’s introductory stage … make it possible to harden or soften the waveform’s amplitude.

even if the Transient Designer effect were to only work on the starting envelope sections of audio file waveform events, could be really fun and valuable option for groove design or adjustment.

also to mention: some analogue bass synthesizers get a bit of a clicky start to some notes, and with a Transient Designer effect, this could be softened, removed or ameliorated realtime.



I am not a wishlist sort of person.
I more, or less, take things as they come.

However, since using my OT MKII’s MIDI tracks to control drum racks in Ableton, there is one feature that I would love to see:

Ability to name the MIDI CC#s assignments and see those 4 digit names on the FX1 and FX2 pages.

I do this with AK performance macros and it makes the device much more intuitive and enjoyable to use.