OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Even if the OT were still in active development, this might not be doable, as it goes against the fundamental concept that each pattern has a single part linked to it and that both MIDI tracks and audio tracks are a part of a pattern – but here goes anyway:

“MIDI parts” that can be linked to the MIDI tracks of a pattern and “audio parts” that can be linked to the audio tracks of the same pattern.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s struggled to effectively manage across an arrangement (1) multiple MIDI LFO configurations [speed, waveform, destination] and/or MIDI program changes on the MIDI tracks [changes to which can only be sequenced via parts], and (2) multiple audio LFO configurations [speed, waveform, destination] and/or FX assignments on the audio tracks [changes to which can only be sequenced via parts], when all those changes both MIDI and audio are tied to the same part.

It’s really, really easy to screw up a performance if you have to depend on parts for a set, intend to use both MIDI tracks and audio tracks in an arrangement, and expect to do any kind of live tweaking during the set.


Hey folks!

After sending the Machinedrum and Monomachine into retirement, it’s time to update the functionality of your remaining gear: since the ‘old’ machines had been capable of p-locking Program Change messages (to external MIDI gear) but none of the remaining machines are allowed to. I miss the Program Change functionality a LOT. There is no real reason for me as a user why the Octatrack is not capable to do this. Please reconsider the spectrum of functionality of your gear, because this feature is missing now in your product range. And it means a lot to me. The Octatrack would be a perfect target for that.

Thank you,
Gekko : )


it’s time to update the functionality of your remaining gear

Elektron is always busy with its new products…
Hello Analog Heat!!!


OT development is dead by all accounts…

But in the hope that Elektron are mapping out an OT2 (or similar…).

Please -
-Polyphonic sample tracks (for chords etc or ‘layers’ options)
-Sequencer record ‘note off’
-+drive for patches(track sample +parameters + fx) /kits/scenes/arpeggio settings to be browsable/recallable across projects.
-Separate outs/overbridge
-Updated fx (tape sim/amp sim/Tonal Recall - pedal style dirty delay etc)
-lift the 64step limit, for sequencing long passages on individual tracks without having to mess with tempo divisions etc.
-AK style step probability

I’d upgrade in an instant if they added this stuff…


I’d like to have hybrid machine, e.g. with 12 voices (4 tracks – analog synth, 4 – digital, 4 – samplers) in one box with possibility of internal tracks resampling. Dreams, dreams…


It seems that octa’s development is dead, but if you guys add trigg mute and probability like in the a4 I would be very happy :slight_smile:


Just see that after my reply yes probably ! I really hope that too


Has elektron announced no more updates for OT?


Surely there’s some sort of midi device rig that can access all the tracks at once for poly. I saw someone rig something for the A4 before it became poly


Yeah probably but sounds like bit of a ballache workaround tbh… Like if you’ve got a sample you want to then play like an instrument in 4 note polyphonic chords you’d need to set up 4 tracks with same parameters every time you wanted to try it out with a sample, and then edit across 4 tracks for p-locks etc… Too messy for my brain to deal with!


Fair point


Really wish that the OT would send a MIDI message for which machines and FX are in its audio track slots when responding to a send request (CC61). Not to be able to change these via MIDI, but just to know which they are. I’m programming up a controller (similar to an Octakontrol) and it’d be great to assign a fader to “feedback if controlling a delay, and time if controlling a reverb”, but since these arent mapped to the same FX parameter, there isn’t a way to do this that I can see…


LFOs for the arranger mode

You know it would be totes amazeballs




Scene to support midi…


I thought they may still address bug fixes.


haha yeah :slight_smile: that would do it. And send request dumps that don’t tell lies. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.


Just fix the bugs. Looking back over ones I’ve found and some are so fundamental it’s embarrassing. Like this (samples get assigned to the wrong machine, the wrong slot)


lols, I responded on that one… time flys when you’re having fun :loopy:


Really phenomenal yeah !