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please explain

@k2z3k0 Maybe I misunderstood what you meant, but if you press Program Change knob after you have changed its value, the PCh is sent directly.

if you press Program Change knob after you have changed its value, the PCh is sent directly -of course
i meant that maybe good idea is that you can change program also with arrows, and that PC is sent immidaitely after change,not only after pressing knob

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i want to propose midi controlled euclidean generator for each audio track
just like in midibox seq,but more simple
maybe 2 up to 4 paramteres controlled via midi cc(e.g. shift(instead of [FUNCTION] + [LEFT]/[RIGHT] will while in GRID RECORDING, density,probabylity…)

midibox seq euclid generator

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track overal volume level and track cue level as global-please…

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Don’t you use slices?
It’s a feature I use extensively, it is pretty similar to sound locks but you can actually play them (in slice mode).
It’s way more immediate to program than sound locks!


What do you mean ? There is MAIN Level, and CUE Level…

And saves on slots, you can run out pretty quick with lots of drum samples.

You can play sample locks using slots trig mode too, but yes slices trig mode allows a bit more organisation, once samples are set up how you want them.


There are pros and cons. Slices definitely the efficient option. Slots nice in that you see names of samples.

I posted the same request on the small tweaks thread years ago. Didn’t happen in the big update but would really appreciate it

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Time when both are great but that the sample lock behaviour is annoying:

I have a hi hat track and a toms track. They both play from sliced buffers (64 hats, 64 toms). But here’s the thing - I have an alt slice slot for both (64 open hats, 64 high toms - created in the same order as their counterparts ). That way I can select the hat with the slice, and switch to an open hi hat with a sample lock (it still picks out the correct slice).

That’s when I get tired of scrolling down from slot 1 every time


Yeah I think way back when OT was pre 1.0 and pre sample locks I asked for a way to lock samples using regular p-locks. Slice locks was one of my FR too, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad :slight_smile:



Yes you are right, slices can be the way…
But that means you have to make a chains first…
I understand your point, but i dont see that as a resolution

As @darenager said earlier, you can use slot mode to play your samples.
Which means you can create sample chains by locking samples on a track, recording the track, then slicing the sample.

But otherwise sample chains are extremely easy to create with @Abhoth’s OctaChainer tool.
I even made a quick and dirty tutorial for this:

You can make some crazy stuff with sample chains, including chaining chords


… the OT itself.

  1. place some sample locks on trigs
  2. record the pattern
  3. slice the recording
  4. save and have fun

(of course this may become quite cumbersome if you want to produce really long sample chains)


Also cumbersome for different specific length, like tuned single waveforms.

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if what you mean is ability to control both Track Vol Lev and Track Cue Lev simultaneously, YES PLEASE i need this!

Cursor follows screen mode option in the Sample/slice edit pages.
Especially with big audio chunks, when playing, the cursor follows automatically the wave in stead of scrolling manually.


It’s been said before many times but here it is again :slight_smile: Metering on inputs/outputs and GR meter for the compressor.

Thank you for the amazing work so far.

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Same results with VOL, and if you plocked VOL you can use XVOL (relative, with crossfader and/lfo)

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i meant that track level and track cue level stay despite changing part,pattern,banks

this way when i am working with midi controller once i set vol or cue on particular track i do not need to worry what happends when i switch to different part,pattern,bank

sure if i have snapshot function on controller that is a solution
but that is not the point,also not every controller have this
and you have to remember to press it every time you change part,pattern,bank

i am allready working on PureData patch in Raspberry PI that do this ,
basicaly i am using Nanokontrol2 for track 1-8 vol and cue ,that values are constantly stored in PD,
then i am taking Program Change message to PD from OT
so when PC occurs from OT,PD is sending stored values of vol/cue of tracks 1…8 data to OT

so far it works fine ,
only thing now i noticed is that when next pattern i swtich to is from other bank and have different part e.g. A1 (part 1) to B2 (part 2),then PD sends data but OT is too late to receive it,
i am guesing that when next pattern is from different bank and have diiferent part then previous one ,it takes more time to switch to(obviously) ,
so i am adjusting now delay between receiving PC from OT ,and PD sending all vol/cue track 1…8 data

ok so turned out that i need 210 ms delay to send data in right time,
which in turn makes audible changes,by which i mean that i can hear volume change (if sample is on 1st sequencer step) for circa 200-300 ms of that sample
is not very bad

if you stay within same BANK ,it is fine ,50ms is enough and no audible changes
but once you wanna switch between banks
you need 250 ms delay, and then is audible

so that is why if it is implemented in OT, would be faster of course(as i guess i would only require for OT to ignore stored track vol,cue data incoming from parts and and stay with global settings of 1…8 vol,cue data ,16 messages) and could be without changes being adible

and of course i meant it to be as option(maybe in PERSONALIZE menu),so one can choose,with or without

your option fffiiissshhh is nice as well