OT: A friendly World Cup thread?


that true , especially this year lots of academy players are flocking mainland.


Anyone here think Harry Kane is way overated? 5 spurs players in side second half. Why not just call us Spurs!


Well, he’s only scored the most of any player in this wc, the third most of any English player in the history of the wc, scored more goals than Messi and ronaldo in the year of 2017, has been the top scorer in the premier league 2 if the 3 last seasons, one goal shy this season - is he overrated? How could he be? :stuck_out_tongue:


Firstly… lololol at the thought of Scotland ever qualifying for a major finals again… and if that were to happen and I were in England having to watch grown men salivating on the tv about how fantastic “we are” (referring to Scotland in the first person) then I’d be annoyed too. Watching the tv in your own country you shouldn’t have to put up with chest beating, flag waving nationalist nonsense from another country rammed down your throat.

As it happens I am in England on my holidays at the minute and the England flags all over the place don’t bother me one bit. Bit of national pride, nothing wrong with that unless it turns racial or nasty.

The England team actually overachieved in this world cup and well done them but their lack of class showed when they came up against a team of relative quality. France will tear Croatia to pieces I think though.


All conjecture - expected of a pretentious company and their equally pretentious crowd


Probably because you don’t have to put up with this rubbish 99% of the time. If we did well it would be exclusively on BBC Scotland or STV and you wouldn’t have to put up with it.

I have no issue with individuals referring to the English as “we” obviously, doing otherwise would be ludicrous. But, “the whole nation is behind you” and all that stuff is just nonsense. One of the nations you are broadcasting to is behind you, the other 3 aren’t.


Well done Belgium hope you beat Croatia in the final


They’ve got SFA chance of that…


So? What’s goin’ on? How we doin’ ENGLANNNNNNNNNDD?? Goin’ home yet? With maybe maybe a 3rd; you overlooked an older more savvy team, ALL OF YOU, and now yer goin’home! Outside of Argentina the most overconfident and entitled fans on the planet. Go ahead and tell me how “oh the better team lost” and “oh we were tired” How many subs did Croatia use the whole match? 0 ZERO!!! The whole pre-game “oh Croatia are sure to be tired bc they’ve played 2 matches in extra time.” No, it only made them stronger. Watched these guys since Euro '16 and they have the feel of a team just hitting their stride…


Not sure what you mean re. subs…?

Pivaric for Strinic - 95th minute
Kramaric for Rebic - 101st
Corluka for Mandzukic - 115th
Badelj for Modric - 119th

Only looked to be one winner from the start of 2nd half onwards though, with an increasing amount of England players becoming ineffective as they looked more and more tired. Once Modric started seeing more of the ball our forwards looked increasingly isolated. It really highlighted England’s need for a creative midfielder that could do a similar job as lil Luka.

Myself and most other England’s fans I spoke to certainly weren’t over confident however, don’t believe everything you read in the Red Tops.


Eek. So much for this being a friendly World Cup thread ha.


Blimey! Got his knickers in a right twist.
I hope he’s ok…


Apologies, not my intention to be unfriendly.

Had just been enjoying the fact that despite our press, the tide of memes and the return of ‘that song’ a lot of people seemed to have kept their expectations a little more realistic for this tournament. No offence meant.

Let’s hope for two exciting, high-scoring final games.



talking about england, Belgium just put a goal after 4 minutes in the first half :slight_smile:


We’re PLAYING for 4th YEAH!!! It’s coming home lads!!!


Absolutely pumping them. But it’s a match no one ever really wants isn’t it.

Dunno why Sterling still stats for England though. The lad is crap.


I heard they had the 4th place parade on yesterday and the prize was a visit from the chumpster!! Good job, good effort!! A pic with the 4th place consolation/participation trophy;


:belgium: !!!
I like this team, they would have deserved to win against France !


a friendly 2-0 today :rofl: