OT: A friendly World Cup thread?


I know it’s completely off-topic, but with so many people from around the world, at least some of have to be watching the World Cup with interest…right? I think it’s been a great one so far. Very exciting!

(Mods feel free to delete if too off-topic. Not sure what the rules are on these kinds of threads).


Not bad so far but, apart from ARG v ISL and GER v MEX, not many surprises. Things should get better in the last 16. I’ve only been able to watch a few snippets of games but it seems like most of the games have been close and the VAR technology is having decisive impacts.

When I was young, I would have known a lot more about the teams (I have distinct Workd Cup memories going back to 1974), but now the only players I’m familiar with are from GER.

Good to see some open football and skill from PER, BEL, ENG, CRO, MEX, COL and others. Maybe there will be a new winner this year?


Anyone but England!

(Joking of course)


The “new blood” is precisely what I find so exciting about this year! I think Japan-Senegal has been one of my favorite matches.

Despite rooting for Spain, it does annoy me a bit that they eked through. Felt like they played at a lackadaisical pace in the last game.




Haha! Legend. There’s a great video doing the rounds of him doing the draw for the Scottish cup utterly shit faced a year or so ago. Was all live on TV. What a guy.


Depressed there was no WC them song this round. Could have had a New Order feat. Rod Stewart sing :musical_note: Moscow Moscow… :notes:

In other news, Australia. Well… we tried.


He was totally arseholed at The Cheltenham Festival live on Radio 5live as well!
Anyway… Come on South Korea!!!


Jedinak wins for best beard though


Sadly 20 years since Scotland have been in the World Cup :frowning:

From 1982, probably one of the best world cup / football songs of all time “I have a dream!”.
Puts tingles up my neck when I hear this. Used to have it as a 7" as a kid.


I start watching around 1/4 finals, when stakes are higher :person_fencing:

And I don’t root for any country, I just want to see a nice game!



He uses his beard like cats whiskers to detect wind speed and direction.


Being a huge Spurs fan I find myself wanting England to win for the first time ever. My team is Argentina (when Norway isn’t in it, which usually is the case), but would love for Kane and Co to lift the trophy. I don’t think they will though.

Also happy to see so many positive “minnows”. Felt really bad for Peru and Marocco, who have been two of the most positive surprises for me. Mexico doing well is pleasing, they played some fantastic stuff against Germany. Its been a pretty good cup so far. Tight matches, very tough to call who’s going to win it at this point, none of the favorites really impressing so far, maybe except for Belgium, but they’ve played against the two worst teams of the tournament.



Isn’t the new WC song basically any crowd signing the main riff from Seven Nation Army? :yum:


Yeah, it’s been that for a while. :slight_smile: This one took off when Northern Ireland was in the Euros two years ago (Will Grigg’s on fire). I’ve heard various variations of it this year as well.



Wow! The Germans are OUT! :de:
But the Swede’s are going through! :sweden:

#ElektronPower! :soccer:


Germany played like garbage the vast majority of the three games, which is a shame given their talent. I think the two best teams advanced from this group based on the play on the field.


Definitely. Germany have got some major reshuffling to get on with. One of the most unpredictable world cup’s so far, I could see Brazil heading out later also!

Maybe England for the outright, it could be our year (lol)