OT: A friendly World Cup thread?


Damn, my predictions from five days back are going a bit too well. Hopefully England will mess it up and win tomorrow. :smiley:




Struggling to watch this…time to listen to more DVCO audio examples :nauseated_face:


Croatia have only turned up for 25 minutes! Back to looking ropey. England should do this before penalties.


I feel sick.


Too bad. England should’ve scored two in the first half. Got played off the park in the second half. Deserved win in the end, unfortunately.


Phew. Can enjoy the final now.


Yes, but neuh !


This was a very good match and I feel Croatia deserved the win. But man, England will be great going forward, if they can keep that positive mentality up. First 65min of the game, England was fantastic.


I don’t know, I don’t think they’ve really managed to utilize the attacking power that team really have. Kane, Alli, Sterling, Rashford, Lingard - yet, they create very little (against quality opponents). They need an Eriksen-type playmaker to really click. Henderson just isn’t that player, neither is Lingard or Alli.


England rightly look great against teams outside of the top 15. When they face truly top opposition they are still left wanting.

They’ll never get a better chance to win a World Cup. I’ve never seen an easier route to a final. First time they face tough opponents and it falls to pieces.

Credit for bringing the feel good factor back to the English, if they build on that then they may have a chance at the euros or in four years but to me, tonight was a case of same old England.


It would be the same if Scotland got to the semi final!


I don’t know, I think there’s a bit of a revolution on its way in English football - English talent is much sought after, and academies are much, much better run these days than they were just a few years ago. The standards demanded by younger players are much, much higher, and I think an increasing amount of English talents are already and are going to stand up to the challenge and the rising demands. Quite a few English talents are going abroad these days as well, which might be bad for English club football, but it might be a very good thing for English international football. This campaign alone will surely spark a few young players into wanting to win the damned world cup - just like it feels like with Spurs these days, I think it’s only a matter of time before England wins another major trophy. Too bad there’s two years between each go. Too much money, qualified personnel, development facilities and talent in England for there not to be a bright future for England, in my opinion.


Same what happened to Belgium last night - the big players didn’t play. Kane was a right push over… Croatia played better. England were flustered and didn’t know what to do. Shame really… defo want Croatia to go on and win …


Kane should’ve put away his chance in the first half, but I think he was flagged offside anyway, so wouldn’t have stood. He did well in the first half to glance headers to Sterling, but didn’t get much to work with in the second half. He played a few nice combos with Alli, but they didn’t have an Eriksen alongside them, sadly. I agree though, not his best day at the office.


It’s gone home. They looked right past a quality team and it’s going home, with a 3rd, at best.


Yeah that first half chance was weird and he should of put it away. Sometimes I feel that the English team are too light footed. I’m not advocating playing dirty but I think they need someone in the middle who dictates the pace of the game - konte (sp) of France for example…




Ooh you are funny!

I’m just relieved it’ll no longer be
unbearable for the rest of the Union.
I miss the Sweaties qualifying for tournaments…
Brings a certain novelty factor with men in skirts, ginger wigs and group stage exits that we don’t get with anyone else.


agree. the 1st have misses and hesitant passes in the box lacked the fluidity so frustrating…and so many incomplete passes…however, it’s a young team and coach. They will build from this experience and do well in the upcoming Euro. Im gutted for the kids. They tried.