OT: A friendly World Cup thread?


Anyone But England for me too and half my family is english.

The only potential benefit I can see from England winning it would be the likely surge in the pro indy movement. I continue to pray we get another chance and won’t blow it this time.


England v Russia would have been a great match for obvious reasons. pity.

I’m hoping for a TeamGb v Belgium final and for Belgium to school em, just cause :smile:


Good point. Hmmmm. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Anyway, a few days without football. What to do?!


Haha England does not equal TeamGB. :roll_eyes:




Damn, there’s a lot of England hate in here.


I was thinking that. It reminds of the Eurovision song contest. Must be a Brexit thang.


England FTW!
I really wished that Uruguay would’ve been in the finals, but out of the four remaining teams I really wish that England takes the trophy.

We have this ”poster” of a neon coloured english footballer with a golden trophy beside him at our summer cottage. Found it at a nearby fleamarket for a couple of euros, but just realized that it must be from the year 66 when they won the championship last time.


That is the Jules Rimet trophy @Wolf-Rami

Made for 1930… stolen in '66… found by Pickles… retired in 1970… stolen in 1983…


It’s not a hate thing, it’s just their winning would be unbearable!


Yeah let’s be clear, it isn’t a hate thing.

To put some context on things, when the final penalty was slotted away by Croatia last night, England was mentioned immediately. For the hour long build up of the game last night, 30-40 minutes was spent on England.

It’s easy to say I’m a bitter Scot but that’s an untruth. It’s just bloody smothering! If it isn’t TV, it’s videos on Facebook of idiots dancing on ambulance cars or cars at traffic lights (amongst dozens of other face palm inducing muck).


Which would be ok except for the fact these are UK broadcasters, not English ones. Even then, it would still be OTT in my view but there you go.


yea theres no hate from me either. I’ve been rooting for em in every match. just a bit o friendly messin here on my part. half o my dad’s family are English, innit. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I actually found their team and Colombia to be quite charming before they played each other. By the end, I was settled on hoping the field would just swallow both players for playing such a poor brand of football (hyperbole clearly). Then there was some interview Trippier that increased the distaste.

But yeah, hate is pretty strong, I’m just not charmed by the team like I was earlier in the cup.


I’m English and I think England winning will be pretty unbearable tbh. Usually enjoy us getting knocked out and being able to enjoy watching the football without the nationalism and idiots dressed up as crusaders…


Probably not going to happen anyway though tbh. right? right?


FRA v BEL has been great so far! Good start from Belgium but France making a few chances now…


Either of these two would make worthy world cup winners


Agreed. As an Englishman I think we could get past Croatia but the winner will come from this semi-final.


england and have been getting better and better. I think they can put up a good game against either Belgium or France. Would be their hardest game but reckon they can do it…

Got to get past Croatia first - who are tricky…