OT: A friendly World Cup thread?


Its been a wonderful tournament. Probably my favourite World Cup so far (only vaguely remember 1990). But I fear the final will end up being a bit of a let down. This WC is really France’s to lose now in my opinion. Brazil are in with a good shout but each team on the other side of the draw just aint up to scratch for me.

Croatia should have enough to make the final but there is a whole load of behind the scenes nonsense going on with that lot - there always is mind you! England have reverted back to looking like late 90s/early 00’s England - too many individuals not playing as a team. Sweden and Russia might have one more surprise in them but not enough to reach a final.

Anyway, tomorrow’s football looks incredibly. Both Uruguay and Belgium have it in them. Should hopefully be two very entertaining games.




A tad harsh, but as they say “You’ve got to be in it to win it”


Being and England fan. I hope your predictions continue to be incorrect :joy:


Being Belgian, I am also happy with my unabilty in predicting football scores. I am safe, I never gamble with money, I invest wisely :wink:

By the way, I was going for symettry in the predictions, it has nothing to do with favourism :yin_yang:


I think he was injured on the celebration of the 2nd goal his last game, he had the entire team on his back and he looked in lot of pain. Too bad he was Suarez’s foil. Go Croatia!!!


Ah - I had heard he was essentially day to day but had been holding out hope, that maybe they were being coy about his condition.

The frontline was just not the same without him. He and Suarez were a dangerous combination. What a silly way to get injured… :confused:


Let’s hope that your predictions continue with the 100% inaccuracy!
Russia in the Semi will do me just fine.
Working on that basis and you being a proud Belgian, I presume you predict a France win in your semi… please?


To be honest: I really don’t care that much about football or sports in general. And even less about a world of humans divided by countries, states and flags, … passports. For me nature is nature, and that’s it.

Football is entertainment. The players are the millionaires, the spectators (those who care) are the once being played. It’s a Roman empire upside down :totes:

Let the best team win, or not. I will take my wife to diner when the final is on. Because that matters to me.

I respect everybody with other views, not the views per se - the person/soul yes.

So go on and call me a dreamer. I am not the on… …

PS: FINAL - France vs Croatia 3 - 1 :tongue:


So, England make it through to the semi final… :smiley:


I know! Having supported Columbia, then Sweden, just wondering whether I’ll be supporting Croatia or Russia next!

I loved the Scotland flag at the Brazil game - “We prefer curling”! :slight_smile:


As the majority of the players left in this tourney play in the best league in the world(the Premiership) i can only say its been the best tournament ever from an English point of view.


Not an England fan?

Looks like you’ll be supporting Croatia next. :smiley:


I’m Scottish, got nothing against England or the English but resent having our state broadcasters ignoring the fact that they are meant to represent Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too. If England win it’ll be unbearable, it’s bad enough as it is.

So yes, well done Croatia but not really impressed with how they struggled past Russia and Denmark and think England go in as favourites. France and Belgium appear to be at another level entirely so the winner of that should win the lot but anyone could do it. Love how this World Cup is so open!


Do you remember the Welsh team caught on camera clapping and cheering when England got knocked out of the Euro’s by Iceland. So much for solidarity:).


Why should they support England over any other team? I cheered Colombia’s equaliser with great enthusiasm.


The England campaign stands out this time as being completely ego less. Southgate is leading from the front with this - all the post match interviews are humble and professional and the team are obviously all focused on the next match rather than basking in their individual achievements. I’m Scottish but I want England to win this because in many ways they went in as underdogs and it’s easy to sympathise with that. Southgate cane from a helter skelter managerial record, made some tough decisions in the face of nay sayers and it’s now paid off whatever happens next. Go England!


I agree on many points, the English team have a lot less ego and pretence than previous years but the media let them down time and time again. If we had our own broadcaster I could see myself supporting them.


“If we had our own broadcaster”
Take the High Road was rubbish… you had your chance! :smiley:


We did have our chance in 2014 and collectively blew it. For now I’ll have to do with Anyone but England.