Was this confirmed? Afaik no


A god from ancient Egypt ?


Didn’t the developers move on to create teenage engineering?


Didnt know that but if those are the ones that made OT im glad they left!
But i read somewhere, was it here or in some interview, someone related to Elektron said that all the important people that worked on OT are still in the company.


Hector stole the prototype from Area51, shortly after the product launch he disappeared in mysterious circumstances, some say he will return one day and that “Octatrack owners will be very happy”



^ so i was not imagining? :wink:


That’s true to an extent, but the locked delay is more of a glitch effect than a granular wash. Granular ideally needs overlapping grains, which have controllable amp envelopes.

It is possible to achieve something like this with sample retriggering and a short retrigger time, but the amp envelope does not get retriggered, so cannot modulate the individual grains. Just being able to enable retriggering of the amp envelope when retriggering the sample would be enough possibly.

It just occurred to me that I could use the LFO. I am going to try using the LFO to modulate the amplitude and sync it to the retrigger rate.


You can with retrigger the envelope with TRIG COUNTS (Microtiming menu), or arp with midi loopback.
With AEDitor you can select portions of a sample and modulate it, play several instances of that sample.

If you ad CUE rec with feedback and pitch to above, I think you can wash a lot! :smile:

The Octatrack can be quite granular-esque [example inside]

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. Going to try this tonight.

The Octatrack can be quite granular-esque [example inside]

Quite a few bits of that first one sound pure squarepusher :slight_smile:


What just happened here?! Can you please explain processes in these two magical tracks? Im still a n00b with OT :wink:


No. I don’t remember what I did. Lost my neurones since. :smile:
I’ll try to make another one, I’ll post in that thread : The Octatrack can be quite granular-esque [example inside]

Rainmaker explanations :
Octatrack as Rainmaker
Octatrack as Rainmaker


You’re cracking me up today