Display dims barely noticeable! Will it be enough…? Hmmm


thanks anyway for the update. Hoping more updates will still be coming to the OT down the line


Thankyou Elektron. Your a great supportive company.


Yes the dimming is only slight, I didn’t leave it long enough for the 30min to display turn off yet.

It would be great if the display could invert I think.


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


I put my octatrack on a HomeKit switch in case I forgot to turn it off. This solves my worry. Thanks!


Installed last night. Forgot about installing it.

Turned it all on earlier and went downstairs, did some work related stuff then headed up to the room of dreams, took a look at the OT saw the screen was blank but all the lights were on, had a mild heart attack, then remembered it was the new screensaver…


I wonder if this feature will be added to AH, DT and DN too. I am worried that the “slight dimming” isn’t good enough. The screen on the AH for example changes even less frequent than the other devices and i wouldn’t mind if that screen goes black after X minutes.


I hope it’s a warm-up from the programmers for the real bug fix because a screensaver on a sampler please …


yep thats my thoughts :wink:


The screen saver is not for aesthetics nor a gimmick, but it’s a long time protective measure for the new type of display they are using with the MK2 models. It got implemented for a reason and not to troll their customers.


DT has a usefull screen saver.
Use left / right arrows.
I hope MKIIs are cool too. :tongue:


after about a year from the update of my MK2 and seeing the proliferation of other products I expected a function a more or even just small improvements forgive my disappointment for an aesthetic and non-functional thing I didn’t want to do trolling or heating


Even screensavers are destructive long term. Best just go to a blacked off screen altogether.


Question for octatrack owners, two actually…

  1. Does it have ctrl+all function?
  2. Can you loop region of a sample DT style? Or have lfo to sample start position and such.



1 - No but you have scenes wich are so much more !
2 - Yes



Any new effects coming for the Octatrack? A gate/expander would be very welcome, and a freeze/granulator delay effect would be cool, or a physical modelling resonator effect. Well, I can dream.


Freeze/granulator can be done with the delay, comb filter can do PM resonator.


If you knew how the OT started out and what we have now after all of the updates would you not be as disappointed? You’ve also got to take in account that the people who created the machine are no longer with elektron.


Who made the OT ?