Octatrack vs Digitakt vs Model:Samples


Imagine money was no object - but you could only buy 1.

Which do you buy and why? Octatrack vs Digitakt vs Model:Samples


If money was no object, I’d take my favourite elements from each and build my own.

If you’re looking for a suggestion as to waht you should buy, I say grab yourself the one you can afford.


Digitakt and Octatrack offer different features and workflow. What do you want to do with your music?


I’m more curious about what would motivate YOU to buy one or the other assuming you can afford any single one.

I curious what the tipping point for a given sampler is. What’s the killer feature that would make you say “Ah yes! this is the Elektron sampler machine for me!”

Given your own tastes and your own workflow and given a budget to afford any single unit.

I’m curious about what would motivate you to put your hard earned cash on one of these instruments.


Sorry my original question should read “Given the budget for any one of the 3 units - assuming you have to buy exactly one of these units.”

Which and why?


For me, model samples. Because it’s simpler. BECAUSE it’s more limited. Think less about perfection. Pick a pre loaded sample, make a beat, tweak knobs. Very interactive.

Not a knock on the others at all, they have their own place (ultra deep complex samplers)


Buying one? OT. The rest are flings before settling down :wink:

Unique onion to be peeled. And scenes/fader alone beat any of the ‘it’s more intuitive/hands on’ usp of the others for me.


DT for instant gratification

OT for exploration

Not having touched the MS I have no comment.


Had DT it was too limiting… LOVE OCTATRACK its like a modular synth!!!


I’d travel first, then I’d buy all Elektrons and many other things! :smile:
Considering these 3 Elektrons, I’d buy them first to try and choose.

More seriously, I agree with @NUoldNu.
OT is my favorite, first Elektron after 20 years of grooveboxes, and I think DT is (too) much simpler and intuitive, but I’m quite sure I’d like it.
As OT addition I would choose AR MKI instead. (Almost same sample engine, analog circuitry, analog comp / dist…but no midi tracks).
MS being a limited DT, which have 10 more tracks, that’s not for me.
Maybe a good product to start with Elektron, but I’m not objective anymore.


If the budget allowed, Octatrack for sure. I’m not really that into making beats alone, but would be very interested in getting into the wilder possibilities for sample mangling and input manipulation that the OT offers.


I guess the digitakt because that is the one I bought… not super interested in a lot of the power features of the octatrack. DT makes samples shine really easily.



Double the octave range. Super quick workflow. Sounds magnificent. Overbridge.


I could see a strong case being made for any of em…easy for me. OT


OT>DT>MS. There is a reason they are priced that way too.


For me it would be the OT, because it’s like having many different kind of devices all-in-one (looper, STEREO sampler, backtrack player, mixer, effects unit, sound mangler, MIDI sequencer).

There is exploration potential for decades to come. Of course, it’s not as direct as the other machines, but I prefer versatility over directness.

And I like riddles … :smile:


OT for the same reason I think. With a bit of effort the OT can do pretty much anything the other two can do (though without the immediacy), and the ability to sample quantised loops, use stereo samples and the wonderful cross fader are killer unique features.

I do love the DT though, it’s so quick to work with and sounds amazing - can’t put my finger on why but it just makes stuff sound great. No interest in MS, too much overlap with DT and inability to sample mean it’s not for me.


Sometimes you just want beans on toast. Price shouldnt be a factor.


yeah but it kinda of is in this situation. Just looking at a features list it goes in that same order too.


I want OT, (I got a crush but she doesn’t know I exist).
I own DT, (and love her).
MS can come round to play for sure, (but I don’t think she’s my type).