Octatrack vs Digitakt vs Model:Samples


Amazing answer! Rounded up my exact situation :smiley:


hahahahaha :grinning:very funny. you gonna spend days before you learn it)) and after its anyway very confusing with handling.

MS for instant gratification, even this not very close to this.

Old Korg Electribes - yes, they don’t need to learn at all. you can use it instantly


uahahahahahaha)))))) Lol . very funny)

may be comparing to OT yes, but comparing to Electribes, for example, it’s a hell evil and pain in ass to play live using this. sold after 3 month used.


Have fun with your Old Electribes! :smile:
Instantly boring. (I really liked ESX1)


OT’s super fast after studying it and putting a lot of time into a project… :grin:


so you like it or its boring?? its confusing :flushed:


I began with Roland MCs, I didn’t especially liked Electribes older than ES1X which I liked. Sold for a MPC1000 I prefered.
After OT, A4, MD I know I’d get bored quickly with all of these machines. :slight_smile:


I’m confused, did you get a recall that made fun of your mother instead of beats?


don’t touch my mom!


We all need to control our tempers a little more these days, some kind of deep astrological stuff going on… I see it everywhere right now. Just a phase, like all things, it too shall pass… :monkey::dizzy:

As usual my votes for Octatrack… :joy:


After a power cycle and a new project of course.


Just because it confused you, doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone.

I’ve always found the elctribes rather bland and aimed at entry level.

Horses for courses


points system for positive traits:


                        price 20pts
                        one-knob-per-function: 5pts
                        independent track lengths: 5pts
                        Great-sounding reverb: 5pts
                        batch import of samples to all 6 tracks: 5pts
                        26 Sample-locks: 2pts;
                        Ctrl-all: 5pts;
                        Streamlined workflow: 5pts;

Can sample: 5pts;
nice buttons: 5pts;
Great-sounding reverb: 5pts
price: 10pts
Overbridge: 10pts (potentially!)
Audio-input streaming: 5pts;
Over 26 sample locks: 5pts;
Ctrl-all: 5pts;
Streamlined workflow; 5pts;
independent bpm per pattern: 5pts;
LFO controlling sample slots: 2pts;

Octatrack: Can sample: 5pts;
nice buttons: 5pts;
4-inputs and thru effects on these inputs: 10pts;
Over 26 sample locks: 5pts;
3 lfo’s per track: 5pts
Scene slider: 5pts;
Stereo tracks: 5pts;
Song arranger: 5pts;
Can stream long samples: 5pts;
Extra machine functionalities: Looper, slots, slicemode etc: 10pts;

Model:samples 52pts
Digitakt: 62pts
Octatrack: 60pts

Just for fun…


More obvious :

OT’s 8 recorders for realtime sampling : 80 pts
OT’s crossfader with up to 250 parameters min/max : 250 pts.

MS chance : 100 pts
MS look / format size : - 1000 pts.






I had the money to buy any of them (or even more than one of them). I chose the Model:Samples. Not because the M:S is “better” than the other two (they both are clearly more powerful and have more features), but because of the three it most closely suited my needs. Indeed, of anything on the market, it most closely suited my needs. I’m currently minding my brother’s Machinedrum Mk1, which I initially assumed would be the end of my search for a drum machine - it’s an all-time classic, right? It was the fact that I was finding that I wasn’t inclined to even power it up and delve into it when I had 20 free minutes in the evening that showed me that I needed to go for something simple over something all powerful.

Obviously, the technical features were the first consideration. The M:S had pretty much everything I wanted (at the time it didn’t have sample locks, but that’s been resolved), but there were a few compromises I had to make. There would have been with the Digitakt too. After that, I wanted something small - something I can easily put away and take out as I need to. I wanted it to be portable and immediate, I’ve a young family and a full time job and not much free time. I wanted 16 step buttons in a row - just a personal interface preference. I wanted rubbery, not clicky, buttons. I’m not a professional or power user - I’m learning, and while I want something I can grow into, I don’t want something that will overwhelm me.

M:S ticked more boxes for me than the other two, and I’m enjoying it immensely. The Machinedrum gathers dust.

I know I’m in the total minority here, but I actually don’t like the look of the Digitakt at all. I like the freshness of the M:S - white, grey and orange, everything well laid out with a bit of space between the knobs. I haven’t even bothered putting any stickers on mine - which paradoxically may make it somewhat “unique”.


Having sold the DT for an OT and previously having both an OT and DT I will say what you gain in immediacy with the DT you lose in complexity compared to the OT.

The fact that you can layer more effects on the OT goes a long way. Having a single filter can be frustrating on the DT but there’s workarounds such as reaampling.

The 45 second limit can be limiting on the DT too I like to record longer synth pieces and chop them up.

The slice mode on the OT makes a big difference too. To chop samples on the DT I have to either punch in or record triggers and then p-lock the start time. Or use the same sound on two different sample tracks which can be frustrating because they won’t cut each other off and plus if you change the overdrive/efx/volume you kinda wanna make sure they match when flipping a sample.

The OT does have a lot more menu diving but with proper templates and just simply spending more time with it you can do a lot of stuff really fast and it can be a very immediate machine.

The song mode goes a long way. I feel like you can really compose a full track on the OT like you would a DAW. On the DT I was really just making loops and kind of recording a performance when trying to finally record some of these loops into a song.

I think the DT works best as a drum machine. The model samples seems like a bit of a toy compared to the two tbh. Very bare bones but also super immediate and very playable.

The OT is almost like a full DAW.


BDSM kitten really needs to learn how cables work.

Also, someone has way too much time on their hands :slight_smile:


I have both a Digitakt and an Octatrack… Hope that answer the question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, OT is the ultimate … La machine extraordinaire… THE BEAST