Octatrack OS Bug Reports


I think it is more a problem about switching between parts and scene while using the looping engine.
I don’t know why but it seems like the OT bug when you apply different scenes on your track used for loop (pick up or buffer record)

Maybe I’m the only one with this problem I wish I could try on someone else OT my config for live and see if it happens the same problem…


I was only using 1 part and no pickups or record buffers, also I only had like 8 samples loaded into memory.


I meant for my issue :slight_smile:


Check this thread:


That is exactly what I needed thank you !


Before I open a support ticket, thought I’d post here. I’m encountering strange behaviour with the OT:

  1. I have a bank/part with a pickup on track 1 and this goes into a neighbour track on 2. I have my bass guitar running into input B and B selected for track 1 input. On the neighbour track (2) I have a dark reverb with dry/wet mapped to the xfader and likewise with xlev for the neighbour. This allows me to fade the looping bass in and out with a burst/cloud of reverb, but when the bass is playing the loop, the reverb is essentially off.

  2. I jam in this bank and on this part for awhile, but if I switch banks (new “song” for me), the bass input is super loud on the new part, and a part reload does nothing. In this new bank/part, I have another (non-bass) pickup on track 2, so no neighbour track, but the OT still acts like I’m using the previous bank/part except my bass input is unbearably loud. I’m going to check my setup tomorrow (heading to work), but I’d be interested to know if anyone else is having a similar issue. I’m on 1.30C.

Edit: I should add that the only corrective for this that I’ve found is to power cycle the OT :frowning:


Hmm… Few questions…
How are you monitoring on the first part? From the pickup machine?
What’s on track one of part 2?
When you go to part 2, where is the sound coming from? Track 1, track 2, both?
Any mixer dir settings?


Hey Mike, thanks for troubleshooting with me :wink:

The sound coming from the new bank and new part is monitoring from the pickup machine on track 1. But there is now a regular pickup track on 2 with an input other than bass. It’s as if the part on the new bank is partially loading because even though the new part doesn’t have reverb on a neighbour, I still hear reverb on the bass on the new part but it’s as if there’s double compressor as well, so the new part sounds with reverb and with the compressors doubled up. No dir settings (off).

Anyway, the problem occurs when I preemptively re-load the new part before starting the sequencer again. When I just launch into the new part without thinking it needs reloading (I think I got into this habit sometimes because pickups and parts were behaving weirdly before), it hasn’t happened. So, I guess, I’m back to not trying to reload a part and see how that flows.

I still had a productive day; for the moment I moved on to another song/bank in that project. :sunglasses:


You need to set the Auto CH for change parts all devices need to be on that same channel I have new OS and it is working…However that said if it is connected to the DIGITAKT or the Digitone They change parts one BAR(16 steps) late …that is not the OT at fault my guess(I really have no idea just assuming) they communicate in a newer language because of new chipsets or what have you? (Better computer parts?) prob why Octatrack stayed on the old language because rewriting that all over again would prob be a fkn nightmare(again I’m assuming have no real idea) so I am hoping when the digi’s get another update this is resolved because I use arranger mode for all my sets Elektron trained me this way so they better figure it out lol…

From my experience function and mute does not mute the external midi tracks if that’s what you’re trying to do


@AAdra : I’m working with an Octatrack, a bass guitar and bowed tanbur input via preamps and a mixer. No external midi devices for me at the moment. It’s a jam in a part 2 (actually) of a bank which has bass input on track 1 (PM) with a neighbour on 2 for reverb wash volume swell on xfader. After I get done looping and running the sequencer, I double stop all and switch to a completely new bank. I reload part via function cue and the resultant part is a half-baked mix of the new bank’s part and the old bank’s part with regard to the bass guitar input (see above description).

@Open_Mike or any/no one in particular: I’m monitoring the first part via the track 1 pickup as well. It’s an iteration of the parts/pickup bug? I guess I’ll query the mothership about sending a a bug report. Again, still had a great session today will post some stuff soon :sunny:


Did you save the part before switching banks?


Yep, both parts were saved.


I hate to ask but to make sure you saved your project
then saved your 1st part named that
then moved into the next bank and switched into part two on all your patterns and then saved that
then you went back to the first bank first pattern
and made sure you were on the first saved part


sometimes i’ve done it a lot when I get a flow going I will forget to put part two on and work a whole sone in my part one or three or four whatever and fuck the whole thing up because I will be feeling the grove and keep working in the wrong part without thinking twice about and fuk it all up


sorry walking and typing but hopefully you get what im saying it’s really easy to fuk that shit up if you are not paying attention and saving


does he need to turn off the inf sound? like you do with a reg sample so it doesnt continue to play when you move on


Just in case, when you change parts, machines and fx need trigs to be loaded.


I appreciate you offering suggestions @AAdra :smiley:

I’m very particular about saving my work; if there is any slight change to the part I’m working on, which I know I’ll want to keep for that part, I’ll save the part, and save the entire project, so lack of saving is not an issue for me. The sequencer is hard stopped (double tap), so there is no sample playing. It’s all my live sound (bass) that’s messed up after I switch banks from the part with the neighbour w/reverb with scene locks, to the part in a different bank with no neighbour, then immediately reload the part, where I then get a weird combo of both parts, etc.

@sezare56 Thanks for the reminder :smile: IMHO, this may be inherent to a problem that I sometimes encounter with parts/pickups. That is that pickup machine tracks CAN’T have trigs. I guess I already have the solution to my problem: pickups get triggered by using the AB/CD buttons (or ext. MIDI) to record a PM loop and THIS trigs the part. OR, starting the sequencer (if trigs are present on static/flex/thru/neighbour tracks trigs the part). This definitely forces a certain way of how a performer works with discrete musical pieces per bank on the OT. Ah well, it is what it is, and I just remembered that I’d communicated with Elektron about this before. The behaviour I’m witnessing seems definitely a bug, but one I think I can work around/avoid fairly easily.


Yeah, it seems to have to do with the lingering part/pickup/scene bug/weirdness… One of the derivatives…
As you said, starting the PU usually kicks it in…
Maybe try double stop “after” you reload the part…


I have a project where if I leave the first pattern/part with the PU stopped, the next pattern/part still uses the scene from the previous parts PU. If I leave the first pattern/part with the PU playing, the next pattern/parts scene works correctly… :thinking:

I’ve experienced very similar but different things and have read reports that seem very similar, yet different…
Yours seems related too…