Octatrack MK2 field report after 1 year of use (buying advice)


That is to say?


You guys are great! Yeah, the community is fantastisch, really. What I ment, the developers aren’t listening what users are begging for.
sorry the missunderstanding, Sezare56… And thanks for your everlasting help


I think they almost finished their job with Octatrack UFO. Not sure they really knew where they were going, inspired by Machinedrum UW sampling and resampling possibilities (MD is not finished too).
A4 MKI, AH and AD are the most finished Elektron product I have (I don’t use Overbridge). :slight_smile:


So true, the features which have been added to OT over the years, in particular recent additions like trig conditions were probably never on any road map for this device in 2011…

What ever Elektron do in the realm of sampling past/present/future will always be compared to OT feature set.

Feel the Digitakt has successfully built on the OT legacy and introduced a new price point and sampling concept, but I await a future hybrid product that may never arise…


AR. :wink:
AR MKII new sampling ability seems to verify it.


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It was on mine :wink:

From 2011 my feature request thead on the old EU forum:

“3. Trig behaviour - What about an option like how slide is done, where
you can go into a menu and select for each step whether it is played
normal, played alternate half/every other time, or random chance.”


I like that every musician is different, but I’ll take more knobs per function over a touch screen any day


umc1820 - $280
Live Intro - $99
Computer for $900
Turnado is $119 so if you get Turnado you have to subtract the amount from the Computer budget.

So with Live Intro you only have 16 tracks either Midi or Audio.
You dont get most of their instruments and not many features.

I definitely dont see how this set up would be more flexible or better quality.
The budget effects in Live aren’t anything to write home about.
Having a low rent sound card made by Bheringer sounds way iffy.
$800 computer, um yeah ok I guess so
Plus you gotta plug all this crap in to each other and hopefully your sound cards drivers are up to date with your OS.

Ocatatrack still wins for me, and used MKI’s go for about 800, you can probably find one for less if your patient.


Live intro only allows 4in 4 out with an audio interface


I don’t get the “for the same money you could…” arguments as any sort of argument at all.
You realize pretty much everyone here knows laptops and software exists, right?
You realize this forum was created primarily for users of Elektron gear, right?
Nicolas Jaar is one of my favorite artists out there. He’s an Ableton ninja and it’s amazing.
I’m happiest using my OT and I get a lot done. It’s all good.



My report after 4 years with OT : I barely use computers for music. Audio Editing only.
No pleasure at all to make music with computers or iPads.
I can’t see anything that would replace OT. It has fantastic limitations, great bugs. :smile:


My report.

Computer for music is great and extensive but a computer is not an instrument or an integrated solution for a music application on it’s own.

octatrack brings just this, but it is not self sufficient for my needs.

I end up buying both in any case!! :wink:
How both worlds integrate smoothly is my main concern.


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They are great for checking out new/old gear though


Yes and for the forums