Octatrack MK2 field report after 1 year of use (buying advice)



Good write up. It’s a great tool but does kinda show its age in some respects.

The RAM thing is annoying but I’m pretty sure changing it would mean changing a bunch of stuff in the OS which would mean they’d need to maintain 2, one for mk1 one for mk2. I don’t think it is as easy as just adding in more physical ram.

My other main gripe is the delay/reverb on fx2 only. Even if theres cpu limits i’d rather it be you can only load 8 of those across all tracks vs being able to load only 1 per track.

If they fixed all the things you mention maybe added another 2-4 ins/outs, it’d be a killer modern machine.


It’s not a secret if you tell people :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I don’t want a MK3, I want a full on DPS-2… :wink:


Judging by the recent OP-Z by TE i think they are running out of ideas for new samplers. Perhaps the zenith has been passed and we should just use what we have got.


I’m the same. I have often thought about selling mine (likely won’t) and could not justify an upgrade or replacement.


I too am of the opinion that the OP’s view on the OT feels rushed. One year with an elektron box is not enough…

But hey, what do I know. Everyone loves the best-selling digitakt, which I consider to be the lamest thing elektron ever made so… Obviously different strokes for different folks.


@tsutek Why do you think it is rushed? Are there things on my list that would change with more time?


Over time I have got the impression that disappointed people often expected the OT to be something, which it wasn’t supposed to be. The OT is an instrument with a particular concept in mind, very versatile, but not a swiss army knife to do everything we throw on it. If this concept doesn’t fit to the artist, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t work for him.

Or in other words, if we want to create an oil painting, we shouldn’t cut-out images from a magazine and glue them on paper :wink:

But it would be great to improve the OT concept technically. More “machines” would be interesting, maybe something like a “granulator”? More and “better” FX would be great too and a better integration in a hybrid software/hardware environment.


I concur.


I think they’d be pissing money away and squandering the opportunity to make more history if they didn’t make one eventually. It’s discussed a lot here.

Ha maybe not the best analogy for a sampler. But you’re right, I think people expect something different when they buy OT. I’d say when most people buy it there don’t really get what it does entirely. It’s a sampler and FX unit and a looper at first but it’s much more than the sum of its parts once you get past expecting it to work a different way. I’m gonna be buying an OT again hopefully in about a week. can’t wait


Exactly … I would amend “sampler” with “performance”. That’s a huge difference to many polyphonic multi-sample devices like expanders or workstations. It’s very true that the concept of the OT is much more than the machines, parts, tracks, the sequencer etc. It’s a small universe of opportunities and inspiration.

Free Octatrack Tutorials list

8 tracks of recorder trigs, per step sampling of different lengths and source/sources, playback of all recorders freely assignable to all tracks per step, different track length/scale, ability of the play tracks to playback the sample(s) instantly warped in many ways(slices, pitch shift, rate, fx, etc…) and all of the recorder buffer placeholders update while sampling…

Then it just goes on and on with track length, scenes, parts, etc…
Multiplexed if your feeding these from the midi sequencer routed to gear and back into the inputs, and using realtime multi level re sampling.
Only on Octatrack…


I just picked up an mk2. good god its pretty :heart_eyes:


MKI forever.

Can octatrack eliminate arranging in DAW?



My octatrack mkii shoots sunlight spears! :sun_with_face:


I love the OT because it doesn’t impose a specific workflow on me. It’s an open canvas.


Personally I’ve had the best results when I dont try to make a complete song within just the OT by itself. Using it as an instrument and recording its tracks individually (or recording myself performing on it then editing) has been alot of fun for me. But yeah, this thing isn’t a daw replacer and was never advertised as one. It’s a sandbox for samples and a playground for possibility.


Guess u nailed it. What I experience, all is true which is the reason why I decided not to go along with it. Shame, Potential is ‘so’ there but no one who listens, i fear…