Octatrack MK2 field report after 1 year of use (buying advice)


Perhaps that’ll be a feature on the next box from Elektron: integrated web browser that only loads elektronauts.com!


Mmmm, not so sure anymore. I got a lot more done without reading this forum, will have to revisit my personal habits in that regard! More important > setting up the the new music room, finally the days have come!




I really appreciate you taking the time to write down both pros and cons. Still on the fence about this device, but after testing both the Digitakt and the Octatrack MkII today, I really felt that the crossfader on the Octatrack offers something unique and super interesting that I really haven’t seen anybody else doing. Might end up getting one.


Especially if you pair it with a good midi controller. Opens a lot up!


I have the OT MKII for a couple of weeks now. I miss it when I am not at home.

Never had that before with a piece of gear. My wife is getting jealous :smile:

I sold my DT and bought it mainly because of slicing, stereo-sampling, timestretching and other extra audio-editing features. Sure, it has it quirks, but all the things I have read about it being ‘too complicated’ doesn’t do the OT justice. Coming from the DT I didn’t find it all that complicated and I am discovering new things everyday (one shot trigs last night!)

Truly inspiring machine!


I’m 18 months or so into owning my MK2 and really getting into a flow with it. While I know I can get “cleaner” and more “structured” songs out of Ableton quicker, I haven’t touched my DAW in weeks.

The missus is out tonight so I figured I’d do music once the boys are in bed. Said to myself tihis morning that I should get back on Push and work with that but I’m sitting at work thinking of the Octatrack haha. Oh well! No point forcing things…


Could you exemplify how?


This video can better than I could :sun_with_face:


Played on a MK2 in a shop last week, mildly confused by all the new shortcuts, not really a fan of the feel of the new buttons and the encoders are way too sensitive, found it very annoying to dial in precise values. That said the screen is a huge improvement and I enjoyed having the 3rd LED for resampling.


While the newer encoders can be a little fiddly when trying to be precise, I prefer them that way. When I jump over to my mk I Heat, I feel like I’m going to get carpal tunnel syndrome before getting to the value I want using those encoders. Then again, I’m also one of those folks who has their computer mouse set to accelerate like a formula 1 car.

Other than that, I can also echo others’ comments about thinking about Octatrack when I’m away from it at work. What helps is keeping a notebook on me to write down OT ideas. That also helps me get into the flow of a project quicker when I have the time. I can look at the notebook and choose an idea to start working on. Going to get some Octatrack time today after work, oh boy!


An add with an Octatrack with relative little used but “crossfader never used” :joy:

Is it possible to have an Octatrack without using the crossfader? One guy wrote once it was a lost space… :joy:


I guess that’s only possible if the crossfader got freshly replaced (due to heavy use).


Saying “the crossfader never got used, honest” is exactly the way mormon teenagers retain status in their community before marriage by claiming mint condition for something that’s scientifically unlikely.

So, sure, whatever you say pal!



You had to bring that up…


you are free to think what you wish but i remember it been clearly stated that OT has reached it limits spec-wise. apart form the cosmetic and ui aspects, OTmk2 hasnt changed…
expecting the OB on it is just a fools errand.

and OT being a “best sampling game in town” is mostly due to the fact the manufacturers left the town longtime ago.

not bagging on it but seriously dont get the massive boners it gets. my asrx whipes the floor with it in many respects.

i do love my DT though.


the sentence to a wrong turn somewhere, wtf.


Youll notice the quote I was responding to was discussing a “true sequel to the OT”. I don’t expect OB on the current OT.

Which doesn’t make my statement any less true.

So does my ASR10 but then the OT wipes it in others, not least of which, uses current storage formats.

But youre right:


There are a few flagged posts over the last couple of weeks that coulda been better phrased - let’s aim to keep it civil … disagree agreeably blah blah … tia



Honestly i never use the crossfader on mine! And i dont use my OT lightly either… full tracks made on the thing, i dont use a computer other than to record so OT is my main workstation.