Octatrack MK2 Data Entry Knob and Page Button LED Issues


Hoping some other MK2 owners can chime in on this as it will help me make a decision as to whether I should return my MK2

So I sold my Mk1 last week and just received my Mk2 in the post on Saturday.
Immediately I noticed that the parameter knobs were different.

They barely have a push-click mode.
I have an MD, Rytm and A4 also. All of which have knobs with a satisfying and noticeable click when pushed.
So that you know you are push-clicking when you are.

My new MK2 barely feels like this at all. Click is barely noticeable.
And on the last two knobs Data Entry knobs E and F don’t seem to click or indent at all
However, with pressure applied to them, they still operate in a push click fashion

So they work, there just isn’t a satisfying “push & turn to use” feeling as you do so.
Is it just my unit? Anyone else having issues with the knobs on MK2?

The push-turn knob is like a staple of Elektron gear. I feel it’s completely missing from my MK2


I noticed this too. Sometimes (first two times) the push has no effect at all.

To me it looks similar as the digitakt bug with the midi channel select push. This was however adressed with latest OS update.

Therefore I assume this can be solved with update. Hope they adress as it can be slightly anoying.


Ok. That sounds like a problem different to me

My knobs work. They just don’t feel like they work

On at least two of the knobs, there is no noticeable difference between push-turn and regular turn

I might just open a support ticket


I have this issue on my A4 MK2. Travel distance is a lot shorter than the knobs on my DT. Click is barely noticeable.


The mkII has metal shaft encoders, the mkI has plastic shaft encoders, I noticed that the metal ones of the mkII have a much shallower click too, as you say it is barely noticeable but they do work, at least on mine, also the mkII encoders have a much more potentiometer like response, sometimes I find them tricky to get exact values, the mkI feels a lot slower but precise, I think I prefer the mkII encoders for quickly changing parameters quickly with better resolution but the mkI definitely has more tactile feedback both in rotation and click.


Ok thanks for the feedback

So do you think I should just put up with it?

I mean, although this may be normal with these newer elektrons

there is still a noticeable difference between Data Entry knobs A, B, C, D and knobs E and F

Did anyone else open a support ticket about this ?


I’d give it a few days just to be sure that it is working properly, it did throw me a bit at first but after getting used to it and comparing them to the Digitakt (which I think has the same encoders) I think they are fine. One thing that I think is a bit awkward and could do with a firmware tweak is locking/unlocking by pressing them, like for example when doing scene locks sometimes pressing to unlock registers as a rotational inc/dec and the locked value changes rather than unlocks. It can take a couple of attempts to get it unlocked, but I have only had mine for a few days too so it could just be me getting used to it.


Ok. Good to know.

Would be also great to hear from anyone with a MK2 that doesn’t have knob issues ??

We would then be able to know if there are a few badly knobbed units going about

Personally I find it very dissatisfying as it’s completely opposite to what I’ve grown used to over the years :frowning:


I just checked mine and compared the response to the Digitakt, what I think is happening is that the rotation scanning is a bit too sensitive and the click response is not quite as sensitive, so it is almost certainly a OS issue rather than a hardware one I think

My OT mkII is on OS1.30D

It would be good to hear from other mkII users for sure.


OP’s problem is not related to software…


Exactly. The knobs are doing what they should.

Just not in the way I’m used to with other Elektron devices


And while I’m at it…

I’ve just noticed that the LEDs under the PAGE/SCALE button are really difficult to distinguish

There is very little difference between active page and other pages

Unless I turn out the overhead lights in my studio

Anyone else have this issue also ?


Mine is exactly the same both with the encoders and the page LEDs as @Cocker is describing, compared to my mkI and Digitakt the travel of the encoder when pressed is minimal, at a guess I’d say less than 1mm travel, on all my other Elektrons it seems greater than 1mm travel when pressing.

It would be good to hear from other users if this is normal though or if @Olle or @Ess or @Elektron could chime in?


Also as @Cocker describes the feel of clicking the encoder is difficult to notice.


Well I asked the same question about knobs to redditors over at /r/elektron

One of them gave this reply:

“I had the same issue as you with my MK2. Asked Elektron support and apparently i got the knobs for A4, so they sent me knobs for the MK2 and voila. Works great now”

I’m going to open a support ticket
I’ll keep ye posted


Hmm that’s interesting. I wonder if I have the wrong knobs too.


C’mon lads… let’s get these knobs sorted!

To be fair, Elektron have set their own standard of what we should expect

I’d be a bit disappointed to accept anything other than the standard I’ve grown accustomed to


I’ve submitted a support ticket. I’ll post any further details when I hear back from Elektron


I have the same issue with my A4 mk2 encoders…:expressionless:


Wow! Seems a big problem for Elektron.

As an early adopter of all the Mk1 units, this is disappointing.

I never had any issues with any of the Mk1 machines