Octatrack MK2 Data Entry Knob and Page Button LED Issues


I noticed the click difference right away vs the mk1. Makes it kind of difficult to unlock parameters. And the active page led is way too subtle. I’m constantly squinting at it to figure out where I’m at. I’d almost rather they flip flop the led brightness for running page indicator and active page. Or use a different color if possible.


Yes in dim light the trig and track LEDs are almost too bright.

I made a video of the Page LEDs and sent it with my support ticket. I’ll post it here later

When working in daylight and the sequencer is running the change in page is almost imperceptible.


Here’s the vid I sent with the support ticket

My iPhone always films with way less brightness than there is in real life

It’s much brighter than this in the room, and the Page lights are far more difficult to see



If you bought it from a shop, just return it.


Mine is exactly the same. The mkI was also quite bad at differentiating between pages, but nowhere as bad as mkII.

Tip: When filming on the iphone if the view looks too dark, tap on the screen at the darkest area and it will adjust the brightness.


What is supposed to happen when i push the knobs?


Depends. While pushing it, values change faster. If a scene or a trig is p-locked, you can disable the p-locked parameter by pressing the corresponding knob.
In midi note setup it can be used to validate the midi channel for example.


The Mk1 dark trinity machines and the MM and MD had a very satisfying and assuring click when pus-turning. My newer Mk2 machines most certainly do not


Hey, just wondering if you ever got this sorted? I just got a MK2 and while all the knobs click, it is definitely a bit awkward to unlock parameters and distinguish the page location LED. Quite surprised they haven’t fixed at least the latter issue in a software update.


Seriously. That page LED issue is super annoying. I’m sure they have bigger firmware fish to fry with Overbridge, but it’s pretty difficult to use as a “dynamic performance sampler” when you can’t even tell what page you’re on. Hopefully we get a fix on that soon.

Edit: Yes I’ve submitted a support ticket. The response was that it was fixable by firmware.


No never fixed. The official line from Elektron support was “that’s the way it’s supposed to be”

Which is just rubbish because it’s not like that on more recent machines like Digitone and Model:Samples and why the hell would you make page LEDs no one can see.

It’s clearly a hardware/firmware issue

I did dim my blinding Play button by colouring it with a black marker


Well all least it’s acknowledged. I didn’t get that response. I got “well that’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s supposed to be”


Today I opened a ticket at Elektron Support for the Page LED ‘problem’. They responded within 2 hours, so that’s a nice start but…the answer

The issue has been reported to our developers and it has caught their attention, but ultimately it’s their decision. All I can do is bring it to their attention and advocate for it, which I will continue to do. I think they will take a look at it but since it’s not my decision I can’t promise anything.

I’m sorry but this is all I can offer.’

Maybe more MKII users must open a ticket, the more the better, I think.


No need, you will just flood the queue for the poor support guys and girls to take care of. When they say it’s got attention from the devs, it really has.


@Olle With all respect…

@Cocker contacted Elektron Support 16(!) months ago about this problem, he even attached a video. Since then nothing happened.

What is the problem? Will it be fixed or is it not fixable? Or do the engineers call it ‘normal behaviour’?

Please give us a answer where can deal with.


It’s just as simple as there are quite a few products out there now for a small team to maintain and they just need wait in line for their time to get attention.


It’s 100% fixable

It’s not a feature

I have owned all Elektron machines (bar Digitone and Heat) at some point and none have had this issue


So, not enough support for too many products…where/when did it went wrong, @Olle ?

I really like my MKII but i’m going to return it while still in buyers protection period. With this kind of support it’s going the wrong way.


Nothing went wrong really. It’s a super capable machine even with a little dimmer LEDs on the Page button.


Came across this thread and took a closer look at my Elektrons: both my Octatrack (bought new january '19) and my Digitone (bought new october '18) click “in a satisfactory way”. The only thing I am slightly annoyed with is that they are very sensitive: when clicking I change the value 50% of the time (getting used to it though). But they do click normally, maybe just slightly less than the Analog Keys I just received (pre-owned, manufactured october 2016). Maybe a batch production issue?

On the other hand, the page led issue is an absolute annoyance, so I join the crowd hoping for a fix.