Octatrack Midi CC pedal for Pickup Machine use


ok, so I have been trying to finish my set up and need the very last piece to the puzzle. I need a midi cc out pedal that has two switches one to trigger the left recording button and one the right button. But I don’t want a big pedal (Soft Step esque) doing more than I need. I found this and as far as I can tell it’s exactly what I want (( http://amtelectronics.com/new/amt-fs-2midi/ )) but they don’t ship it to america. Does anyone have any suggestions? I watched Cuckoo and he had a little two switch situation going on but it was a usb switch ran through a midi converter, is that gonna end up being the only option? And if so can someone recommend a pair that they have personally used together that will be intuitive and easy flowing?

Thanks for the help.

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This is what I plan on getting for the same use:



This one might work:



As a simple arduino clone project with a few switches and a box this would be super easy and super cheap for those inclined fwiw, if you like that kinda thing

Mike’s merge thing looks good though


I am actually building a prototype midi-foot-pedal for the octrack, just to do easy looping and whatnot…
it be awesome…


:open_mouth: :relaxed: looking forward to see what you come up with :grin:


Yes, please share your creations! :slight_smile:


I got prototype on my table… here is my assistent showing it to the world, the first time…
be aware… this is very secret-sauce… first pictures EVER available…


I’ve been heavily thinking about diving into the diy pedal world just to build this


Whoa yeah that looks just right! I heard those guys were more apt towards making more clock based pedals


RAAAD! When you have one all cooked up you have at least one guaranteed customer.


I am not the quickest maker in the world… but i promise, when its finished. i let you know :slight_smile:


I did some searches here and the old forum, and a few other people said they were using them just fine for this. Like you I don’t really need something big, an FCB is just overkill for me. I just saw they actually have a new version out too, the link I sent you is for the older one:



KMI Softstep and MIDI Expander with OT

Anyone using this combo? Looking for something relatively small to help me use the Pickup machine hands free for some guitar based gigs I have coming up, and I REALLY don’t want to bring a laptop with to handle any USB MIDI controller routing.

KMI Softstep and MIDI Expander with OT?

I thought you gave up the OT?

I’ll be keeping my eye on this thread.
Looking for a hands free solution myself.



I saw that Juan, but it seems to need the iConnect interface as well making this start to get a bit expensive for just needing a portable way to trigger two buttons :slight_smile:


Yeah I didnt catch that till the end.
There HAS to be something in this size that’s standalone.


Reading the manual for this little guy AMT FS-2 MIDI
Seems can program CC and PgCh on the device itself

Not sure it’ll work with OT though


Hi, Look at this model, with special firmware for octatrack


I think will be something like in the model DMC7 out of stock


We now offer the DMC-7 with custom firmware specifically designed to control the Octatrack.

Available controls:

Bottom row, left to right.

  1. start record/overdub – note 60

  2. stop record/loop – note 64

  3. start seq/stop – note 34

  4. start/restart – note 35
    Top row, left to right.

  5. sequencer lock/start – note 71

  6. prev track – note 69

  7. next track – note 68
    Expression pedal input – Crossfader – CC 48
    The Octatrack firmware gives you full control of the Pickup Machines for live looping, and the DMC-7’s foot controls let you loop while playing your instrument.

this is the discontinued DMC-7