Midi Foot Controller Question


I don’t know about stacking CCs… like I said it’s been a while, and (since we’re continuing the convo) I only plugged 5 notes into it :slight_smile: and that was all I needed.

Fcbpro uses the standard firmware.


With UNO, I think it is 5 CCs. Much better. Sold.


I´ll look into it, though the FCB might simply end up being too big.
Thanks for chiming in :wink:

(love your modular demo videos, by the way - any chance we´ll get another run of the Great Destroyer modules?)


Yes there’s an excellent chance of that. Pretty sure we just need to make the time!


That is awesome news, thanks.
Wouldn´t mind DIY, but I´d gladly take a quality-controlled “factory” built one as well :stuck_out_tongue:


this is a prototype i worked on a while ago as we were discussing about MIDI pedals for the OT on the IRC channel


pretty basic in terms of functionality, would just send out predefined MIDI data to control few actions on the OT (i think it mostly had to do with pickup machines at the time)
i came across this other thread again so i’m thinking there might still be the need for something small, maybe configurable and dedicated, compared to a bigger pedal which could/would probably cost a bit more as well. the solutions mentioned above do offer more flexibility but i would personally prefer something that would just do what’s needed without having to spend much time on setting things up and the like…maybe time to revisit this old project? :slight_smile:


Here’s my code for the DMC-6. I’ll put up the code for the 7D if someone is interested.


I posted my version here


I tried the DMC micro, works with the midi notes 64&60 BUT:
The buttons fire always an RELEASE.
With quantised looping (with sequencer) that’s no problem, but if you start a loop with no seq., then it’s always imperfect.

DMC told me all DMC switchers fire on release, so its useless for me.
The Gecko 3 does only PC.
The fs2 dors CC, but not with selectable Value (what we need)

Is there any small solution?
I can’t DYI.

Source Audio Soleman the smallest?


Reveived a Yamaha MFC10. Can’t wait!

It can send up to 4 Notes / CCs with min / max values. Meaning you can choose 2 scenes and a crossfader value at the same time, mute / unmute 4 tracks, etc…
Pretty exhaustive midi messages types…

Any other users?
@avantronica do you still have it?


Yes - not used so much recently as i gave up writing an editor for it - it’s so slow/cryptic to configure, but if you have a set idea, it won’t be too bad to set it up - put it this way - it’s easier to program it than to program a program for it - it’s just a bit clunky remembering all the (albeit logical) codes for message types - plus you need to think 0-15 iirc for midi chans - or the hexacecimal equivalent


My midi monitor is in hexadecimal, I’m getting used to it.
“How old are you?”
“I’m 2C!” :stuck_out_tongue:

MFC10 seems much more logical than a FCB1010!


I have very compact solution that works very well that no one has mentioned yet. It is slightly pricey but if you want a compact solution is is great.

Tech 21 midi-moose

Midi Solutiond Event Processor.

Midi Moose only sends program changes but with the midi solutions product you can turn the program change signals into whatever midi signal you like.


Cheaper, simplier, pretty compact…(not tested).
Btw I recommend Event Processor Plus, 32 events is much better than 10.


That looks very well. Look like you still need the Event Processor with it. Doesn’t look like it sends midi notes ?


Funny I just bought (second hand) a Ketron FS-13 in order to make adapters, a MIDI-DIN, a MIDI-BLE and an USB. It’s really robust!

And it’s got silent footswitches, essential with acoustic instruments !!!


I use two of them


With CC59 and values corresponding to notes you can mimick notes.

Not 100% sure it can but :

4 Sub-parameter of the sent control change MIDI command

harley_benton_mt100.pdf (318.7 KB)


This looks interesting as a foot controller for the Octatrack! Would you recommend this in 2019, @sezare56?


Didn’t realize you’re a fellow owner of a SoftStep (I have a Softstep 2) as well as Octatrack and Zoia.

It’s going to be a fun time figuring out an optimal workflow/config for using Softstep to control both Octatrack, Zoia, maybe even Eventide H9 in my case. I suppose first step is to decide which device should be “master”? Then the master forwards over program change commands and stuff…