Octatrack Midi CC pedal for Pickup Machine use


Yeah, I saw that as well, definitely another one to consider. Do you know what the buttons are mapped to?



Tarekith, it’s hard to see because the mods split your post, but if you were asking about the softstep plus midi usb host, I use that combo and it’s dead simple and reliable. The programmer for softstep is pretty painless, and you can easily program functionality that will turn the LEDs on and off in response to logic conditions (was less complicated than it sounds, really), so the LEDs will show you when one of your pickup machines is recording vs overdubbing, etc.


Looks like DMC-D8 no longer support the Octatrack firmware. That’s too bad.


i like the pedals mentioned above. found out i do need something similar as well, as recording with the OT using only a pair of hands isn’t the easiest thing to do :grin:


and, what was the result? anybody tested it with the AMT FS2? seems for me the best solution…


…out of curiosity (and perhaps something else :grin:): how many parameters do you guys usually use/need to control the OT with a MIDI pedal? is 2 enough, 5 to get the best out of it, 8 for super control? :astonished::relaxed:


Checked the manual on this one a few days ago:

Seems to be possible to transmit the messages needed (NN#, CC# and/or PC#) to an OT. As well as having some extra of few special features.

I like their HotHand and Reflex Expression pedal too…


That would be very dependant on situation, now wouldn´t it?


yes, indeed :relaxed: …there’s something missing in the post actually :confused:: ‘…when using pickup machines’ …


I’m bumping this thread to ask if anyone has used the Soleman foot controller that @miketheman mentioned with Octatrack? I’m contemplating on buying it.


Check this topic:


hey everyone!

Crashing this thread after the fact… i have two octas and need to find two cheap-but-good midi footswitch controllers, one for each OT so a friend and i can loop sync’ed style (the behringer one and roland FC300 seem good options, but i need something much smaller, 3-5 switches would suffice).

did anybody find any great pedals that work? have combed through the web, called my local guitar center, and have been back and forth with my sweetwater guy and this seems to be a blind spot in the octa/elektron community.

Would elektron design a simple pedal for us?


you could have a look at this thread :slight_smile:


Hey @guga
Thanks for your reply.
I did buy and try the RJM Mastermind LT MIDI foot controller.


It’s built like a tank, it’s relatively portable, deep in functionality but so simple to program. and it works like a charm!



Here’s my code for the DMC-6. I’ll put up the code for the 7D if someone is interested.


Has anyone here ever tried Looptimus?


Looks like you subsequently found a topic about Lootimus:


I tried the DMC micro, works with the midi notes 64&60
The buttons fire always an RELEASE.
With quantised looping (with sequencer) that’s no problem, but if you start a loop with no seq., then it’s always imperfect.

DMC told me all DMC switchers fire on release, so its useless for me.
The Gecko 3 does only PC.
The fs2 does CC, but not with selectable Value (what we need)

Is there any small solution?
I can’t DYI.

Source Audio Soleman the smallest?
Anybody has it?


I see what you mean, had this with another device. I had to press wait and release at the right moment. Pretty disturbing.
I don’t know workarounds, maybe you can find switches correcting that behaviour, with a release just after beginning of switch course…:sketchy:


I’m also wondering if someone has tried this…?