Octatrack Metronome Only Warp Experiment Science Lab


Wow amazing!! How is this possible?!


I’m selling all of my gear and stuff and just going full on Metro-Gnome… :joy:
It’s the new style wave of the future… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wanted to start the song with 1 bar metronome count in, but when recording I forgot to do it :grin:


That is some next level ninja stuff right there, boys.


Great entries guys, I really need to get on this over the weekend, I sampled the metronome and saved it but had no time to get something done this week due to work. I’m going to try not using the comb filter for a change as I tend to use it alot, so it will be a good excuse to explore some of the least used fx.


as promised, just finished this with live mutes and adjustments, one pattern with 6 tracks, 1 neighbour and a master plus 1 scene change that gets adjusted.

enjoy :grimacing:


Damn, weekend is nearly over and I didn’t get mine done, I forgot it was the Grand National on Saturday so did not get a chance to do anything until this afternoon, got an idea fleshed out though so as soon as I get a bit of time I’ll finish and record it.


Horse race?
What about a coconut challenge?


Ha! Watched this yesterday morning while nursing a hangover. Love this movie!


2 other versions from Audiofanzine users :




Ha, I better get the metro one finished first, but sure would be good to have some more labs, really should be a monthly feature.


That’s brilliant!
Did you record it as a single performance? If so this is another great indication of how good OT can be even for linear build up :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.
Yes, one take performance. Only manuall fade ins, muting and unmuting. And one part change, to change a bass into a lead sound. And some use of fx and retriggering.
That’s why the track is a bit long for my taste, I always need time to prepare my mind for muting/unmuting the tracks


Congrat, man.
Yeah, I also need time to prepare the next move when I’m creating a live record :slight_smile: In your track I find the beginning a bit too long, but otherwise it’s not “overexposed” :slight_smile:


Neat stuff. Did you use retrigs to generate the tones?


Thanks! Yes as source for the comb filter, for the mallet stuff


At last finally got it finished today, recorded direct to track recorder because I never tried that before, no post processing except normalised in waveosaur. I used 7 tracks.

Mixing without a DAW

Bravo ! No comb filters? :wink:
Special tricks?


No comb filter, just used dark reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger, filters and short loops of the metronome, 7 tracks, 1 part, about 9 patterns and I used the arranger as it has been a while and wanted to reacquaint with it, I used the tonal metro sound only. I did the whole thing inside the OT on my sofa with heaphones which was quite fun.

It was a lot of fun to participate so thanks for the initiative :thup:


Nice one!