Octatrack Metronome Only Warp Experiment Science Lab


We can do it all together, our Octatrack modern version of Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes, mixing 100 versions with randow lfos !
At work ! :slight_smile:


It deserves a topic ! “How to make a baryton sax with a metronome !”
Played with a keyboard ?
Settings !


haha. I hope i saved it in that state, so I can look for the settings.
Played with OT chromatic mode.
I have to find space in my track now for the sax solo :wink:


I’ll never buy a sample library again.
It all can be done with OT and it’s holy metronome :content:


Unfortunately Metronomy as a band name is not available. :smile:
Stay synced and don’t loose the tempo !




If I can recreate it, I can try to make a short tutorial :wink:

You have the flute. We need oboe and bassoon to complete our section


Call it Metro-Gnome… You know, a gnome that lives in the city, so it plays electronic music… :smile:
Gnome sayin?

And loving your new saxamaphone…


By the way this threads the best… It’s like a whole new genres evolving… :smile:


The bari and the bass are killin’…
Oboe and Bassoon are one of my favorite reed pairings.
I’m learning a lot from this challenge. At its core, it’s taking me back to synthesis class’ sampler unit at uni.


My attempt

Best Elektron for music with no Drums at all

Great work, soundings and musicaly! :thup:
I’ll listen to it more attentively later.
I think it is my favourite.


So good, no one would ever guess that’s a metronome…
This metronome sh*ts just stupid good…
These are like full on tracks… :joy:

People seem to think they need gear? And samples? Hahaha
The OT is just so limited. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it sucks…


great stuff here.

I was trying some things out last night and very quickly got into a jam. Too bad I didn’t press record. It got wild.

This is fantastic practice exercise.


Yeah, I know that I can do almost everything with it since the first Science lab I participated.
Still I spent almost 3000 Euro on Synths since then :wink:
There is just a lot of interesting, fun stuff out these days, it’s hard to resist.
But I could do most of what I do with only some samples, for sure :slight_smile:

Hardest thing for me here, was hihats and snare, cause the metronome contains no noise, or sibilants.
But the lofi got me covered


Other workaround : select a “silent part” and normalize, or use compressor with max gain !

kind of white noise.


creative tip! Thanks


The untonal (?) is allowed too, no? I’ve been using that and yeah the noise for drums…

I was disappointed to learn that you couldn’t record the metronome. Seems like a missed opportunity on the marketing side…


this is seriously amazing. on a loop here!


Thanks guys!