Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Make sure your not using “alight to zero point.”

I hear the stuttering as well, as stated some samples sound better than others, but you still kind of hear it selecting each sample slot.

I found that warping them or, adjusting hits, in Ableton makes it stand out more.


This dropbox link is dead. Sorry for that. But you have it in the Files sections now. Under Funk Mx Chain.


I found that this isn’t an issue if you stick to the original BPM you used when you sliced the breaks up in Ableton. Once you start adding swing or slowing the tempo then slices will have a space at the end, causing stuttering. You could get round this using the OT’s timestretch mode but you sacrifice audio quality a little.

Increasing the BPM isn’t so bad but the waveform will be jumping, sometimes drastically between slices so you can get varying amounts of clicks depending on BPM/luck. You can get round this by putting a very slight attack on each trig.

I’m a fan of staccato / garagey / transient shaped drums so I mainly use the 64x16 technique to sequence the Kick / Snare / Hats / Ghost Snares from classic breaks with pretty tight decay envelopes and then use the crossfader to cut between them etc. I often use a very mild dose of short reverb to fill out the hits a little too.

I’ve also recently used the technique to chop up phrases / syllables from similar acapellas (all in the same key thanks to MixedInKey) and then chop between them Todd Edwards style. Its a total sample-clearance nightmare but sounds pretty good live.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips. I guess it’s barely audible with staccato (short decay) drums. I’ll mess around with the settings and see where I’ll end up. At least I know, that you hear it as well.
And thank you for the funk breaks Lemajik. I’ll have a little session with them tonight :slight_smile:


Have fun Unifono :slight_smile:


Thanks for uploading the file Lemajik.
Just loaded it up, it’s working great!


Hey there, I think I have a case that is close to this one :
I have 12 loops of 4 bars that I sliced as, well, 12 slices.
My pattern is 4 bars long and I’d like to use the crossfader to jump from one slice to another.

If I understand correctly the matrix chain, I should in fact cut every slice into 16 slices, thus cutting my original loop to 12 x 16 = 192 slices.
And then I would have a trig at each step to trigger the slices, the CF would work correctly.

But I feel this is quite a pain, so far I just have one trig for the first step that play the current slice between the 12 available.
I would like to jump directly from one to another without cutting further the original wav.
Is that possible ?
Has someone discovered a trick to do something like the matrix chain without having to cut the wav into 192 slices/steps ?


Oh man this is fun! Thanks to Cuckoo for that recent video I have a grasp on what this machine can do AND how to do it.


Hello Dimi
the Mac Version works but makes mono files that can be played on my Macbook Logic etc. but the OT cant read it.
Is the Linux Version without this Issues ?


I am slammed these days but I will have a look. Mono is the way it makes them. I will have to check in the rest.


Thanx a Lot !


;Revive this topic? Yes !
Thanks to @wascal , it’s the most powerfull trick I know !
Who is practicing this trick ?

I succeeded to do it in OT only, I mean created the matrix chains, kind of automation project and I would like to share it with a special project you would download.
The tuto would be for 8 samples on 1bar first, to understand it, 16x16 after.
Anybody interested in ?

S=Original Sample, SL=SLice, R=Result Sample

OctaChainer v1.3 Megabreak mode

Yeah matrix chains are FAB!


Did you made some for you ?
With Ableton ?




I sold my OT a couple of years ago but still get Elektronauts notification emails when this thread gets bumped. So tempted to flog my TI and dive back into Octatrack land :wink:


I tried this trick some time ago, it worked really well and was pretty fun.


Best trick ever!


Come back @wascal ! :smile:
Even with 8x8, the Megabreak is super efficient.
I made a little mashup between RATM Bullet in you head and BBoys So Watcha want : :loopy: :thup:


I almost wore my xfader out with the megabreak of doom, but never tried to make my own.
I wonder if something could be made like the Octachainer app to automate this ?