Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Ask @Abhoth !
That’d be great.
You can do it inside OT. It works for 8x8, 16x16 and it’s getting more complex and boring after.
You have to prepare your loops and name them correctly. It can be almost automated after in Ot.


This is the sh@t, everytime i show this to my amigos they can’t close their mouth like “whaaaat!” :sunglasses:


You cant do that on the Digitakt :tongue:


I think you can do it in DT or AR, as you can plock samples and use start.


This is a very good idea. A hassle to do manually, but super-easy to add to OctaChainer. I’m not promising anything, but now I want this tool, too. So I guess the odds for me to actually get around to it are decent. :slight_smile:


Got me thinking of what else you could feed the “mbod” other than a breakbeat.
:bulb:I got nothing.


would like other this. do you have a link?


I will. I’ll try to make something understandable !


That’d be great, with settings such as number of slices, slice length, in order to choose 8X8,8x16, 16x16, etc…


I was thinking I could sample variations on the same melodic sequence to inject some variation to repeating melodic stuff. Sample a synth sequence, tweak the patch a bit, sample again, add lots of extra notes, then sample again, etc.

Btw, anyone know if the DT start parameter works exactly the same as on the AR?



This is the best trick ever. It just wouldn’t be the same on the DT (no crossfader).


I can’t think of any use for this on the DT/AR either. Wouldn’t P-locking the start parameter be achieving the same as P-locking which sample to play?


Yeah, i’d be interested.


For me it should work on DT and AR, if you can plock samples as on AR.
There question is how does the 120x100 start positions are handled. Pressing the knob apparently you have 4 increment :
0.00, 4.00, 8.00, etc…


From what I understand - you made x8 different samples on the tb-303, with 8 slice divisions per sample.

Then reorganized them so that the resultant samples would have:

R1 - a1,b1,c1,d1…h1 ; R2 - a2,b2,c2,d2…h2 ; R3 … R8.

Then what did you do with the resultant “MatrixMixed” samples?

Did you slice each resultant sample in the OT up into 8 slices - assigning them to individual OT Tracks - T1 through T8? Or did you assign them to 8 individual trigs on a single Track of the OT (Lets say Trigs 1-8 on Track 1) and then assign the cross fader to change start position when transitioning to a new scene, etc.?


I began my tutorial but messed around on granular stuff too !

As I use 8 samples on 1 bar, I have 8 Matrix samples locks each 2 steps :
M1, M2, M3, etc.
They have to be sliced in 8.
Scene A : Slice 1
Scene B : Slice 9 (instead of 8, works better)


Oh - so your resultant x8 Matrix samples are arranged/assigned to every two steps/trigs of 1 bar.

M1 (T1); M2 (T3); M3(T5); … M8(T16).

Each Matrix sample is divided into 8 slices, and you assign scene A to slice 1 and Scene B to slice 9.

I guess you could go further with this and start with 16 sample that run the length of 1bar, make 16 “MatrixMixed” resultant samples and repeat the process as described above, but assign sample locks to each step in 1bar, rather than every two steps to create a higher crossfader resolution when you transition from Scene A to Scene B.


Yeah, this was why I can’t see the use for AR/DT. You have to p-lock start. Which would be the same as p-locking sample, wouldn’t it? Am I missing something?

I think of this trick as two axis (X and Y) where X is the only one that can be modulated by xfader or an LFO, while Y HAVE to be p.-locked. With “normal” sample chains is X axis is position in beat and Y axis is which beat. That means one can jump around in the beat, but WHICH beat is playing have to be p-locked. With megabreaks, it is the other way around.

…this makes sense for OT slices, but if you have to p-lock BOTH axis, why bother with the megabreak at all? Sorry if I’m not explaining myself well, but I’m just asking because I don’t want to add AR/DT megabreaks to OctaChainer unless it is useful. :slight_smile: (I hope to finish a v1.3 this weekend, btw).


Good news if you can do it.

For me you just have to plock samples, and modulate start.
On AR, you can divide samples in 120 “slices”, plock them, and modulate start.

On DT, you can divide samples in 30 “slices”, plock them, and modulate start pressing the knob (4x30=120).