Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Does the OT report you an error?


O my OT!!! This is so fun! Soooo fun! I can’t stop. Time to make some matrix chains. Will share with you guys. :slight_smile:

SceneB…on…off…haa…on…off…haaaaaa…slide…on…off…hahaaaaaaaa…on…slide…slide…slide…off… :alien:

Sorry I can’t help my self but this is really fun.

Thank you wascal for sharing this… :wink:


Mental isn’t it lol. Best sampler ever imo :wink:


Does the OT report you an error?
so on my computers show the files as 1.7mb I put in on the CF and the OT say 362 for the size… now I put the files through audacity the files look the same on my computer but the OT reads the files correctly after going through Audacity.

Question about set-up:
add the files to the project in the flex machine.

slice files to number of loops in the matrix.

set the samples on 1-16

set the slice number in scene a to 1

set the slice number in scene b to the number of loops

Is that it?


I must be doing something wrong the cf card is not showing .ot files anywhere, or is that to be expected too?


You can see .ot files in the Card Tools …it is not supposed to be visible under normal operations.
What you write in terms of steps to follow is correct!
do you want me to try your exported files (for that issue about wrong filesize…)


that’s the type of stuff I bought the octa for

great work

been to busy on other new gear to get stuck into the octa much

thanks for the inspiration


I put up a result from the maTrix in the files area… it need to be opened and re saved in an audio preferred audio app.

I also put up the alpha prototype of the app for linux and OS X.


Hey man. I would like to thank you for your work. You are awesome! I really appreciate what you have done!
I have couple of questions.

Can this be done only with 64 samples?
Do samples need to be exactly the same length?

thumbs up man!

@sicijk thanks for the Live session :slight_smile:


Who needs it now?!


just wanted to say thank you also. i have been using it until now :smiley: hehehe no more thanks to The man :smiley: hehe


Can this be done only with 64 samples?
with up to 64…
Do samples need to be exactly the same length?
no, but because of the hack that it is, longer samples will introduce silence at the ends of the newly created files… in any case nothing will break.


As this is not completely working please feel free to give me some input…


Some feedback.
Works like a charm on Lion also tried on snow leopard and got illegal instruction message.


Ok something i don’t understand quite. So If i don’t give exact same length of loops in this happens?

I’ll try with some loops i made with the same length. :slight_smile:


I got it right away when i posted it. My brains are like a jelly right now…

Can’t wait to understand this completely… it is like i am in school again learning math :zonked:


Yeah that is one of the glitches I am ironing out.


Here is example of all the same length loops sliced.
Decoded it in OT and got with last outfile § giving the first step of the next loop. I am happy to help you out with testing it. At least this i can do :smiley:


playing with the abstract of this matrix idea…


noise noise noise!

the drums are the a4 and the machine drum…

the rest is the matrix files with multi hit…


new version of maTrix is up in the files section…


great. Can’t wait to give it a try. Makes me want to skip work :wink: hehe