Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


this technique doesn’t involve 64 trigs…just 64 loops sliced by 64 slices and 16 trigs to re-construct the original loop.
Sorry, I am not really understanding what you’re speaking about…[/quote]
sorry, I misunderstood dimi3’s question, I thought he was asking if 64 was arbitrary, I was just pointing out a max of why the OT wouldn’t do more than that :slight_smile:


ha! yes! :slight_smile:



great Wascal!!
you’re the good bloke!


This is nuts, thanks Wascal and everybody else. :+1:

I’m interested in trying to set this up in a slightly different way. Rather than use different sounding breaks, I’d love to take a bunch of different patterns on the same drum kit and lay them out in matrix chains. Ideally I’d put more basic patterns to the left and more complicated fills to the right so I could introduce them when necessary with the crossfader.

Unfortunately I don’t have the files to do this yet, but I’m gonna try to make some in the next few weeks and get back to you all…


yeah jamrod…implementations are a lot and really welcome on this great thread!

Also using arpeggiators, say in group of 4 that have slight pattern variation or different notes that belong to a song chord, then having 16 different groups to pick from using an offset with STRT and Crossfader.

Lets all keep going on this!



that would be awesome!!!
Main issue about the technique is the slight tedious time involved in “encoding” the files. So having a program already prepared to create 16 files from 64 same-length sources that does this quick, it’s supersuper nice!!


that would be awesome!!!
Main issue about the technique is the slight tedious time involved in “encoding” the files. So having a program already prepared to create 16 files from 64 same-length sources that does this quick, it’s supersuper nice!! [/quote]
computers do this better then humans…


This is something in the vein of what I´ve been thinking of too. But with LFO´s.

But I´m considering if I should be having the drumkit separated into several tracks, out of several reasons. Mixlevel, EQ and different patterns for each piece of drumkit of course. But there´s actually an quite even more interesting challenge of thought/planning/structuring in this:

A drummer is using two arms and two legs, and there´s a huge amount of combinations in that of course. But given that each leg are pretty much “fixed” to each drumkit piece (kick and hihat pedal, normally), then there´s just the two arms left. And these can be narrowed down to certain areas of the drumkit, where they (the arms) seldom exchanges each others roles. As this would be uncomfortable for an real drummer.

If taking this into account, that could be an guide to how to best order the sampleslices for each samplechain for each track. Where the crossfader could affect all tracks if you would like. But if you instead would have LFO´s selecting different slices for each track, and the slices themselves are structured in such correlative way. I´m thinking that you would get an possibility of having randomized drum(LFO)patterns going, where no one knows what will come but it would still sound close to normal…

Question is how to map this up.


that sounds pretty next level with the LFO


Yeah, I guess.

I´ve tested having the same (drumkit)sample and different (start)slices layed out on different tracks, and then set different trigs in each track in a pattern that they together would be a normal basic pattern. So far, so good. I can set mixlevel, eq and whatever…

But as soon as I wanted just some slight randomization, I realized that the sample(slice) order itself is one problem to make it sounding (beatwise) almost real. Another problem is that, if I want randomization from LFO´s they´re always giving that unless I make many slices the same (thus “hides” the randomization a bit). But if I then wanted randomization on more than one tracks, I run into some situations where they still sound unnatural because of the fact that real drummers seldom plays an fill on toms (using both arms) and at the same time make some double hit on the snare (as if they suddenly would have had an third arm).

I think that an more proper way out of this is to use the arranger, together with several patterns which got a bit more fixed variations aviable and just varying the lenght of them within the arranger. Probably should keep any LFO trigs on second half of the bar(s), so that I´m still in control of where in the arranger the variations will be. But not in control of which variations that will be played.

Since this is just for my improvisation sessions at home. I want an musical “(machine)drummer” that plays variations by itself, but I´m trying to avoid the situation where I “need” to program each and every variation just to make it sound closer to real. Don´t want to spend time on that when creativity starts flowing.

Oh well, first world problem. But its fun to explore…


This is unreal.

Having spent hours last night preparing 64 Stakka Jungle loops at 174 bpm in Live and following the original example from wascal. I have put them all in the OT and pressed play

Mind = Blown :astonished:

I have decided to the the divisions in 8ths instead of 16ths and used Flex machines instead.

I don’t have a decent camera so might not make a video. I’ll record a bit of audio and post that later. And I’ll stick up the sysex if anyone wants a 64 Jungle megabreak of doom themselves… recommended tbh

This is off the richter. So much craic

Cheers lads for the awesome technique and thread !!


Miketheman, I like where your head is at with this idea. Seems like a tall order to get something resembling human fills, though. I’m gonna mess around with what you described and see…


so here is a quick preview…

it needs some tuning before I send it out to the world…

Also if the guys at @elektron give me input on the .ot files for slices, I will generate those as well.

Hope to be double click ready over the weekend.


:astonished: hoooooly shit :astonished:

I hope i was a minimum efficient in programming!!!

Take my money! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dude great one ! Take mine to :slight_smile:


ooohh I am so watching this thread…
can’t wait to try this!


Amazing work Dimi3 :smiley:


So I have a set back…

I got the sample working but when I load them I get and error. I will see if this can be clear with elektron…


it works with and error when i load the sound file.