Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Anyone managed to automate this process ?


I can automate it in Octatrack but it is very complicated and limited.
@Abhoth’s Octachainer soft can automate it.
Limited to 16x16


Great, thanks…16x16 will do just fine !


Hi guys,

Set a load of these chains up about 18 months ago, and used them heavily. Thanks for the original tip @wascal :slight_smile:

Just getting round to setting some new ones up for live shows this weekend, and have run into some problems, feels like I’m missing a step of the process.

I’ve done the following:

-Dragged the breaks into Ableton
-Time stretched within Ableton
-Chopper the 16 1 bar breaks into 16ths
-Created 16 files, 1st containing the 1st 16th of each break, 2nd containing the 2nd 16th of each break, 3rd containing the 3rd 16th of each break etc.
-Named these with the only number in the file being 136 for 136bpm, so that OT analyses tempo correctly, which it has done
-Imported the samples to the OT
-Added each file into empty slots on the OT
-P locked 1st trig, with the 1st file, 2nd trig with 2nd file, 3rd with 3rd file etc
-Set scene 1 to play Slice 1, and set Scene 2 to play Slice 16
-Sliced each file into 16 slices, and made sure to press NO to ‘align markers to zero crosses’ so that the timing remains intact. Also i assured there were no clicks or pops in the files before exporting from live. (edit: realised I missed this step, so imagine this is the problem?)

Within attributes each file is correctly analysed as a 1 bar file, and the Bpm value is correct.

But the timing is off, and the loops are not playing in time.

What am I missing? (In fact just realised i didn’t slice the loops within OT, so could this be it?) Anything else i could’ve missed?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! And once i’ve sliced all the loops tomorrow, I’ll report back as to whether this solved it :slight_smile:


You definitely got all tracks with slices mode set to “on”


Yep just using one track and slice mode is on :slight_smile: @bambrose


Sorry bit of an obvious one… Master tempo correct ?
Slicing in Octatrack most obvious way of retrying I agree


Definitely slice the tracks in the OT



You can also prepare slices with @Abhoth’s Octachainer software, last version having Megabreak mode, which generate .ot files, with attributes and slices settings. Copy them with the generated .wav files.

Try also slice 17 for scene B, to match “perfectly” crossfader’s marks.


99% sure i have but will tomorrow when back with my OT :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestions!


Thanks JuanSOLO almost certain it’s this as defo didn’t slice them


Good to know! Thanks :slight_smile:


Just needed to slice the loop as predicted :slight_smile:


It’s with a jealous heart that I admit, I totally want to give you a hard time for this brilliance! I wish I had time to figure out such a cool idea! That being said… I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks!


Quick question: anyone know if it would be possible to use an Oktakontrol to get this running with dedicated fader for each track instead of using OT’s crossfader?


You can edit Oktacontrol script apparently.

I think it’s doable per track but with the known slice change latency (around 17 ms minimum with start, more with slices).


Ah, sounds great! Cannot seem to find the CCs for it - because we’re still talking Midi CC, right?


@sezare56 heeeelp! :ecstatic:


CC17 for slice / start. Manual, Appendix C !


Many thanks - damn, I couldn’t find it in the manual :diddly:, must improve rtfm skills!