Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


:wink: What in particular ? I’m still working on it on the Octatrack with but it is VERY complicated. :loopy: As I have headaches (even without Megabreak) it doesn’t help. I want to make everything work before further explanations. :slight_smile:


Your favourite thread I guess :slight_smile:


If I succeed, maybe, like for Triggering Slices, but I think I enjoyed more Metronome thread. :wink:
All I can say is that Status on Overbridge is not my favorite. :smile:


We have something in common :wink:


Ok it works. Not really satisfied yet because I had a lot of bugs with part changes and recorders. Solved sometimes by replacing a trig by a new one with same parameters. :zonked:
If there’s something wrong a the record shorter you loose the slices. You have to revert to saved file or do power cycle.
I’ll do it again with a new project.


So it works pretty well with 8 x 1 bar.
I can play live with crossfader for 8 bars or 8 tracks, arm all recorders, get 8 recordings, and it is automatically matrixed with the Arranger. :slight_smile:


Hey, @Rusty, what is your secret to do it “manually”? :wink:


just as a reminder for new in this page, you have a matrix generator for a first easy (lol @sezare56) version of megabreak of doom on this octachainer https://ticticelectro.com/2017/08/26/octachainer-v1-3/

But Sezare you give us new ideas so I have to follow your headache for now…

new megamegabreak to understand …

The four boards you drawed are to use one after the other to obtain the result ?
Or are they differents solutions ?
What is the difference with a classic megabreak as the octachainer can create ?


Have fun in England bro


If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore would it? :wink:


Thats the 4 mains steps to obtain mega samples. It can be done with 4 patterns with the Arranger. The first 8 recording can be done in any way. No difference in the result, except it can be recorded live.


I said it was a secret, not a problem if it is not. :slight_smile:


I remember this being a ballache to set up, and I was using Ableton so I could actually see what was going on and keep track of things. Best of luck to any of you doing it without visual cues :smile:

Ps anyone want to swap an AK for an OT?


Give @Wascal an OT ! :smile:

I did, with the 8 x 8, but to automate it now I use start points and 2 loops in a same record so now I need visuals or tables. :wink:

As it is supposed to use the 8 recordings as slots, I thought it was limited to 8 steps, but I can use other tracks with other slices ranges to reach 32 steps for 4 bars, as I think 1/8th are easier and less clicky.

As automated records are limited to 64 steps, I plan to use tempo divisions to increase possibilities.

I also plan to automate several megabreaks on several tracks in live conditions.



I do some arcane mutterings, sacrifice a (rubber) chicken, close my eyes and hope for the best.

Or I do it in a quite obvious way… which I can’t state publicly :wink:


That’s what I did dozens of times trying to make it work with OT only. Works like a charm now.

I wish there was a software letting me set all Octatrack parameters quicker. :slightly_frowning_face::thinking:

I planned many crasy multi Megabreaks automations ! :loopy:


work, work! cant wait till its finished :slight_smile:


Wrong order. Do it again. :smile:


haha, you wish! :slight_smile: got them in the correct order and its fun, but yeah, lesson learned: spend more time for selecting breaks (and maybe break em down to 16 instead of 64). are there people who would share / trade their megabreaks? i’d be in for it!


16 slices is visually easier to control. Less even more.

Already did.

@wascal one


I found a new way to plock matrix samples, less slots consuming :

For a 8 steps x 8 loops, I have the 8 matrixed loops in one file instead of 8 files.
Instead of sample locks, I plock an lfo depth with Start dest. Crossfader assigned as usual to Slices.

The lfo depth add an offset to slices, in order to play the right loops.