Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Yeah the “wascal files” posted are definitely not the pristine sounding example as in the wascal video.
I feel like this technique needs a bit more exploration with a solid explanation of the best settings using specific terminology.

I thought I was being meticulous, but as you stated, it’s an endeavor that can leave you sore.


Lemajik’s Funk MX Chain works an absolute treat!
Classic breaks!!


So I am interested in trying this out on DT. Since there is no fader it seems the x/y will be x= plock start and y=LFO to sample select

Anyone tried this yet and had useful results? I suppose that sending an external midi cc to sample select from a controller would get you closer to the OT experience


Normally you should sample lock and use manual start I think. Ot’s crossfader changes start/slice, but you can use the start knob instead.
Doable with AR if possible with DT.


The problem is the start time doesn’t lock to intelligent values. The increments of 4 thing is useless. That + no slices. If it was 7.5 we’d be in business. I think the best thing you could do on DT would be plock your start times (closest thing to slices) and the use an LFO to change samples.


Why ? If you have 120/4=30 loops, it should work, no ?
Why do you want to use an lfo ? Why not Sample knob ?
With OT I’ll try to plock start and play sample slots to check if it works that way.

Maybe it’s better as your say, as you have sample control with DT.


So I tried with OT , and apparently you don’t need matrix loops if you modulate samples instead of slices.
Try to plock starts ’ and change (same length) samples with the knob. Easier Megabreak with DT and AR ? :sketchy: :content:

I tried with plocks on start/slices, works if I change the default sample track, not with slots.
I set an lfo on start/slices, no trigs, and it worked playing slots in Slots mode.


You won? :money_mouth: :loopy:
I’m having trouble just adding the slot machine, I see pickup, thru, flex… :thinking:
If I could just load the slot machine, and then win, I could afford mk2! :totes:

(Edit: Sorry folks, not a hint of seriousness in this post):upside_down:


I don’t know what I won. :slight_smile:
It’s funnier with crossfader, but it’s interesting to play slots, triggering samples with QPlay=1/16, perfectly sync.
Could you try this with AR ?


I wish, at this point I need like a month of life catch up before I have time for experiments… :scream_cat:
Still haven’t tried on OT, have thread bookmarked, will try on both when I finally get lab time again… :monkey_face:


I guess I’m thinking even beat divisions. 64, 32, 16, 8. Etc.

30 isn’t helpful.

Does that make sense?


Yeah but that’s true for dividing loops, not for choosing loop. With Megabreak, you choose the loop with the Start/Slice value. Rhythmical divisions don’t matter. You can have 13 starts for 13 loops if you want.

With DT/AR you may need to add silences to your samples with that OT’s method. I’d try what you suggested, plock 16 starts* on 1 bar track.
Load several one bar loops and change them with SAMP button. Hope it works. I’d like to have DT/AR to try it…

*7.5 increments I guess.


The Ultimate is 128x128 ! Who will do it first ? :loopy:


The limit is the amount of slices available on a sample - afaik its 64.

I don’t have an Octatrack any more but I think that was the case anyway. On that note, any UK peeps interested in trading my Analog Keys for an OT? :wink:


Start mode = 128 start positions. :wink:

Sorry but I’m in Brittany, a bit too far, and I have an A4. But I hope you’ll have another Ot to find other excellent tricks !


Megabreak of Dooom is not dead !

RATM vs BBoys, 2x4 loops imported, 8x8 Megabreak made in OT, 8 trigs, 8 slices.
2 drum loop samples added.

Test with 16 acid TB303 loops, 8 trigs x 16 slices, crossfader only.


These are both pretty sick! I love mashups, this was a good one.


I’m working again on a Megabreak generator in OT only, with the ability to convert CF card loops or real-time recording loops.

I’d like to know what are your preferences concerning number or loops vs loop length, as I’d like to do different templates…

  • Regular tempo : 16 x 1 bars loops, 8 x 2 bars loops, 4 x 4 bars loops
  • Tempo / 2 : 32 x 1 bars loops, 16 x 2 bars loops, 8 x 4 bars loops

Example with 8 x 1 bar loop, 8 x 1/8th slices.
If anyone understand something, let me know ! :smile:
4 patterns needed to record :


I’ve only started using the megabreak technique recently and I’ve begun creating my own recently with the help of software. I’d love a way to do it with the OT only, if it was simple enough. I’ve only used 16 x 1 bar so far.


:star_struck: can you explain a bit more? (tu déchires!)