Novation Peak

The MIDISynth-Peak VST/AU/Standalone Editor & librarian is on my list, maybe I´ll try the demo again. It offers some great additional stuff and the visual aspect (also of some “hidden” features) is really great. Sigabort seems to be a trusted seller with a good reputation. And you also have Total Recall if you use a DAW, thats nice as well… and easier automation :sunglasses:

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Wow, look what I found! This PEAK has already been sold on eBay (not kleinanzeigen) on the 23rd of June in Düsseldorf for 883 Euro, same pictures!


Good catch, always good to do a reverse image search when a deal seems shady

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Hi all,

I just finished a patch bank for Peak (and Summit, obviously). Focussing on Genres such as Ambient, IDM, Techno and Electronica the first demo video shows some Pads from this Bank:


really nice pads!

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I have to agree, they are indeed very nice! They show the Peaks characteristic Sound Well!