Novation Peak


I like the sound of this a lot:

The Novation Peak is an eight voiced polyphonic synth. There are three New Oxford oscillators for each voice which utilises two waveform generating techniques and 17 digital wavetables.

The unit features pre and post filter distortion for each voice, as well as a global distortion for the whole synth. Other effects include reverb, delay and chorus and there’s also an arpeggiator built in.

There’s a fantastic modulation system which offers a 16 slot modulation matrix as well as 16 directly assignable controls on the front panel. There’s also the option to connect to other modular systems through the CV modulation input.

The design is perfect if you’re looking for a desktop unit and an there’s also an optional die-cast aluminium stand than can be purchased separately.

Novation Product Overview

Peak is an eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesiser with three New Oxford Oscillators for each voice. The oscillators sound completely analogue by being high-quality NCOs (Numerically-Controlled Oscillators), but gain the flexibility of the digital domain with 17 digital wavetables. They can also become a linear FM source using either the analogue-sounding NCOs or digital wavetables – so are able to cross-modulate in a recursive loop.

The synth has a resonant multi-mode analogue filter for each voice, and three distortion points for each voice – pre-filter, post-filter and global – in an analogue signal chain. Peak is capable of receiving polyphonic aftertouch, which puts expression right at your fingertips. Reverb, delay and chorus effects are at one’s disposal, and there is also an on-board arpeggiator.

The modulation system puts a 16-slot modulation matrix and 16 direct assignments in the main controls, cleverly arranged for intuitive patch design and sound editing. There are three ADSR envelopes and two LFOs for each voice, and more elaborate movements and secondary ‘via’ assignments are made just a few menu button presses away. In addition, two animate buttons give live performers instant one-touch transformation of patches.

Peak connects to modular systems via a CV modulation input, and has MIDI I/O on five-pin DIN ports, so other MIDI gear can be connected. Via USB, Peak can be plugged into Mac or PC, where unlimited patches can be kept using the Components software.

Novation peak chemical warning

First time I’ve read about this, have to check YouTube for some sound examples.


Ooh! Very nice. I wonder what the pricepoint will be. Maybe this would be a good GAS-killer for the new waldorf beast?

3 oscs with FM and analogue multimode filter sounds like just the thing I’d love


It’s not revealed yet, I think, I believe this is one of the new products Novation is showing at Superbooth.


there’s such a flurry of announcements, reveals and new product releases it’s impossible to keep up!


They are also doing a basstation voice in a circuit style box called circuit monostation…

Novation circuit monostation

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We already have a separate topic for the Monostation:

Please post Monostation discussion there, not here.


Not multi timbral, no audio in.


Sounds pretty good to my ear. Nice sounding filter.


I think it looks cooler than it sounds, so far seems pretty generic sonically


Yawn… Unless it’s mega cheap :wink:

Sounds pretty good but so little imagination in 99% of ‘major company’ hardware…


‘New Oxford Oscillators’ and the fact that OSC’s Chris Huggett is involved with Novation had me hoping these oscillators would be able to do some of the additive style user-waveforms of the old OSCar. I’ve always liked Novation’s synths, so I am sure it’ll be terrific, but I couldn’t help getting my hopes up for a throughly modern take on the OSCar.


hmm… only 256 discreet steps for the filter cutoff?

I do like the hipass on the chorus tho!

Ah, shame, the FM implementation seems rather bland - unless you can stack all 16 mod matrix slots to intensify the modulations?

Dunno, perhaps not that interesting… kinda like a 90s VA paradigm, with improved sonics. Wish there were more digital-only features onboard, now it’s like they are just keeping the costs down by utilizing digital components instead of 100% analog, but not reaping all the benefits of a digital engine. Certainly would have liked more resolution for the controls than a max of 256 discreet values.


The Novation store list the price at €1,429.99.


Watched/listened to a few of the videos earlier today. Maybe because its still early in terms of launch and presentation of capabilities but, for me, this doesn’t sound like a +$1000 synth? The sounds I’ve heard so far seem pretty ‘me too’ which probably doesn’t cut it in the current highly competitive hardware environment?

Would be interested in other peoples views? Maybe I’m missing the point?


no cv pitch/gate in??? especially for a desktop module. wtf?

why does every synth maker company come out with something only to miss one or two key things to make it viable?


Just missing the gate…
Too bad… that would have been lovely with an A4.
Can stil have lots of fun with a DT :grin:


It looks great on paper, but the sounds examples are not that good. I hoped for a lower price - much lower :wink: I personally would buy Moog Sub 37 instead - I know it’s not a poly, but has much more character.


clarification: CV mod input only. no CV gate or pitch.