Novation Peak


Yes, I’m loving mine, lots to explore, sounds great. It makes for a surprisingly great and flexible monosynth also!


Yeah, it’s a killer monosynth.


For playing and tweaking the Peak really does kill with so many knobs per function. It’s hard to understate just how immediate the synth is.

But after finally getting the Overbridge Beta I think I’d flip if I had a similar interface for designing / organizing patches for it.


Some proper Peak sounds here:

Pads, some higher Lead Arp Chord progressions, Bass sound.


This synth truly feels solid. Much better build quality than DSI imo; I’m quite impressed by how robust it feels.

Can the Peak’s USB port power a midi keyboard like the Arturia Keystep, or will the Keystep still need a separate power source?


Yeah, it does. I was going to make a stand for mine out of perspex, as I had for my Elektrons, until it arrived and I realised how heavy it was, haha. Realised why the official stand is made of cast aluminium.


I know this is an old thread, but I’ve been spending some proper time with the Peak recently, and it just sounds SO so good. I keep getting totally lost, just building sounds around arps etc. Glorious.

The firmware update earlier this year was brilliant. But I do wish it had a proper ext input to utilise the very beautiful FX section! :see_no_evil:


I use it with the Novation 61SL mk3, but it would be the same with an Elektron MIDI sequencer: while I love playing the Peak, I can really express myself and give some life to the sounds with these sequencers, reaching the Elektron workflow somehow :slight_smile:


is fx section setting saved with presets ?


Yes, all the fx settings are saved with the patch.


Absolutely! #DrownedInReverb


Indeed, I’m a keys player, but I don’t even bother hooking up a keyboard at the mo. I like using the Digitakt sequencer and having both hands free for knob twiddling!


Anyone using the MIDISynth-Peak VST/AU/Standalone Editor & librarian from sigabort with his PEAK?
I downloaded the demo and from the little time I had with it, it seemed to to do a pretty good job. Anyone else tried, or has it and can share some experiences? :wink:


Not yet but I just spotted an absolute mint 2nd hand Peak for 600 Eus. If the seller is legit I’ll grab it. But somehow the price is too good to be true.


600 € for an Peak could be a fake. Can’t get why selling this synth so cheap. Be careful. But perhaps its a very good deal.
but if i had to sell a peak i would sell it not under 800 €


Is it the one on eBay kleinanzeigen in 55234 Offenheim?
If yes, it´s the sellers first item at all to sell and the last sentence in his ad is very strange.
If you have someone who lives nearby to check out, get it. If not, I would be very careful.


Yes it’s this one. I’m sceptical as well. Sounds not very trustworthy.


I would at least send him a message and ask a few things. 600 is actually to cheap to be true, but who knows… I would only do pick up though. Good luck :wink:


Thanks for the heads up. I have not tried it yet, but looks pretty good based on what I’m reading the user-guide.

I had been hoping Novation would offer something like this eventually.


Asked him. No response… At all. Fuck it. Not that I need a Peak but that price would have been a steal.