Novation Peak


Hi everyone,

I was one of the two sound designers to help launch the v1.2 firmware. I wanted to record all of my patches to give people an example of what the new firmware can do, and how these patches could fit into your productions. I showcased the new wavetables and ways to push the Peak’s sound design beyond basic synthesis. I used the Octatrack for all of my sequencing as well - I like to use multiple sequences on one synth to create overlapping melodies and patterns :slightly_smiling_face:


Hei, I am really enjoying your patches :volcano:


Thank you so much or listening to them! What’s your new feature in the update? I love all of the new wavetables and the changes to the mod matrix are really awesome. I haven’t tried the microtuning feature yet, but plan to get into that over the holiday break.


Patricia, you created some great Patches, i am enjoying them very much. Thank you!
The new Wavetables are the bomb, plus the now loop envelopes and the new Mod LFOs for the FX.


Thank you so much! I still have so much to explore with this update. This synth goes deep:) The good folks at Novation did an amazing job with this. I am so excited to explore this synth even further.


Thank you so much! I am glad you liked them <3


Thanks for the patches and for this recording. It makes it so much easier to appreciate patches when they are played like this (as opposed to me simply clicking through them one by one and playing a few notes on a keyboard without taking the time to discover how they might work).


Instructions? Didint see any. Maybe thats why my first two update attempts failed. I got lucky on the third. Callibrating now. Thanks for the heads up.


Fun Challenge!
Lets Post Songs Here that we came Up with, that use Patricias presets.


Yes, please! I would love to hear that!


Part of the reason I made this recording is for that exact reason. I thought if I showed them in the that way that the sounds inspired me that it would help contextualize them better. I also programmed the mod wheel for each one, but didn’t demonstrate that in this recording because I was using the Octatrack sequencer to trigger them or triggered them in it’s chromatic mode. If you are using a midi controller keyboard with a mod wheel you should play with that to unlock the surprise sound for each one. :slight_smile:


Whaat, made the update and no sound at all. Where was it mentioned that you have to calibrate it after the update?? Got some errors on calibration too, anyone else?


This is the link I found with the advice. There are also some steps to take if the update and callibration fails.


I think I had never touched a synth so deep before. Well, Blofeld maybe. But this one is clearly more direct, and sounds sooooo good, way better!
Extremely impressed!


I was wonderin’ when you would get with the program. :kissing_heart:

Have fun with the LFO slewing!


Listening to that, so beutifull.


Heureux homme.
I wait to refund my walet and find good second hand price, it will be my next synth :drooling_face:


I got mine second hand on Audiofanzine. It’s like new :slight_smile:


Hey you ! Was it the Tinhu ones ?
You have it this week from Bordeaux ?
If right, one more time you get me on the line.
Haha, next time I will be the winner ! :slight_smile:


Exactly !

With his Waldorf Quantum, Baloran the River, Prophet XL, Moog Model D… the Peak was a bit too much for him :smile:

Pure luck I found his offer, but I’m sure you’ll get a good deal too when the time is right :slight_smile: