Novation Peak


Ha ha, you win at 5 minutes before me to contact Tinhu. A beautifull match. Maybe he will sold me his quantum one day :wink:


Thing is, I have now totally converted my money into synths… This was the last one I would ever buy. Ever. Promise.




Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


I woke up today , put my headphones on with your music playing, making coffee in the morning, i forgot what was that i was wored about …
Plus, i need peak now thanks to you :thinking:


I hope you get one! I really love mine. Hopefully a used one will pop up at a good price near you.


I just impulsively ordered a Peak :mage:


(ps. I guess the hint is already in your username)


Anybody else had a rather high noise level on their Peak? I send mine back, ordered a new one, becausse its such a wonderful device, but the noise was bothering me.

BTW:, we are talking about 60db usable dynamic range, measured with a -12db signal and a noise floor at -72db. Some would not consider this a problem…


Are you using the main outs or the headphone output, and do you have the output volume knob set to maximum by any chance?



with the Init patch leveled such that I get -12db, the main volume is at around 12 o’clock. Using the headphone out does not change anything wr. to noise.

It would be nice if someone here could replicate this: set volume so a note on the init patch goes to -12db in your daw. Now reset the peak measurement and tell us how high the noise floor is. Mine was at -70 to -72 db.




Have you calibrated the synth after updating to 1.2?


Did you read this? And did you upgrade to OS 1.2?


Upgraded, and recalibrated. Will tell tomorrow how the replacement Peak is doing.



So, I have a second Peak now. Build in the same moth in 2018 as the last one.

It’s a tough call. I measure the same S/N ratio as before with the Init patch - about 55db. And the noise is still bothering me. But then, the UI and the sounds (minus the noise) make up for a lot of it. It also helps that I do Dub Techno, where some noise is basically required to get to the approved sound.




I’ll test mine when I get a chance. I hadn’t really noticed the noise floor but I haven’t recorded much with it properly yet.


Much noise on headphones output, but not recognizable on main out.


i havent heard any noise on the recordings of the synth.


Do you have some USB involved?
Try using basic MIDI, to check if it changes something.


Nope, USB makes no difference. And I have symmetrical cables.

What really makes me scratch my head are people who do not notice any noise at all. It is always there, headphones or not, and it can be seen in the DAW meter… just adjust for -12db on the Init patch, and you are very likely to have something like -68db to -70db on the peak meter.

Could some kind people around here please confirm what their DAW meter says about the noise floor when the master volume is set such that “Audition” gives you -12db for the Init patch? If I knew that I have bad luck with two lemons, I can send the Peak back. If not, I will consider keeping the Peak anyway, but the German in me wants to really know if there is a consistent problem in the Peak or not.

(For comparision, on a Digitone, which should be almost silent as it is digital, I measure -90db distance between signal and noise)