Novation Peak


I also find the presets to be uninteresting, like usually. I think because they are trying to showcase features more than sound good. My favorites are the boring ones.

I have always found the Peak like (the font) Helvetica; that is the sonic equivalent of water, which I like and appreciate – the music is the forward thing, not the instrument. A DSI sounds like a DSI (that is, like the 80s), a Moog sounds like a Moog (that is, pretty awesome, but definitely a Moog) but a Peak just sounds like the music you play. How do you make presets for water?


Add softness or hardness, filters. And a mix of minerals.




Yeah those presets aren’t any better than the factory ones. Not selling the synth at all.

I do think they’ve always tried to push the pseudo-analogue side of it though. It does pretend-analogue very well and you can’t get a fully analogue synth with 8 voices and three oscillators per voice for anything like the price of the Peak.

But yeah, let’s hear it get weird please. At least make the most of the architecture and modulation. There must be all kinds of new and interesting stuff you can do just with modulating the FX.

I’m itching to update and spend some quality time with mine now.



Pretty brilliant.


The Gforce presets are indeed boring. But hey…its for free…
The other free one oth.that came with the update had some very nice though.
And the few ones, loopop was showing in His earlier Video, was simply brilliant.


That‘s not the case I‘m afraid. Analog hype still is dominant in the synth community. when they put a demo out showing wavtable madness there will be hundreds of comments how harsh, cold and digital this synth sounds and that DSI is so much better.
they want to hear their 80s pads :upside_down_face:


Cool, looking forward to trying it all out tonight.


What i mean is…there is potential.


Just updated - really happy with it so far. The looping envelopes, FX matrix, and extra LFOs really open things up (as do the extra wavetables obviously). I love that you can set the number of loops in the AD stage of the envelopes so you can have it loop for however many times and then continue onto the sustain/release portion of the envelope.

Also the Patricia Wolf presets are pretty cool - definitely not trying to sound analog and she gets pretty weird on some of them (maybe a few too many arpeggiator presets but whatever). Plus I like that there are only 50 so it doesn’t eat up a whole bank to try them out.


Yeah you are right I’m afraid.
People are still caught up on and trying to mimic 80’s analogue, even with a synth with as much sound design potential as Peak.
I find it bizarre, but I am obviously in the minority


Well it’s not so much about sound design potential, it’s all about taste in music


Although I am not a fan of all his stuff, I would like to hear some patches by someone like Richard Devine, particularly exploring the new features available now in 1.2.
What I like about RD is you are at least guaranteed to hear just what is actually possible sound design wise, with what ever gear he gets his hands on.
You won’t hear an 80’s pad from RD


Gotta be honest. I love making big vintage like pads. When you get everything rigth, it just sounds so nice! Even on a hybrid synth like Peak. hehe.

But i do love the digital side as well. Set up OSC 1 as a wavetable osc. Use a sine on osc 3 and use it to FM osc 1. Then modulate the wavetable on osc 1. Some wavetables works better than others. The more basic ones will produce more harmonic sounds, but its cool to just go wild too.


This update makes me really believe there will be a Peak in my life in 2019 :slight_smile:

Whatever marketing people think about weird wild not being sure shot wrt selling a powerful synth, I am happy to see how Novation is capable of listening to and actually implement customer suggestions, all the more on workflow aspects.


All my requests for improvements have been fullfilled! Awesome Service!


So I had some subtly strange sounds coming from my Peak. It was like there was a permanent reverb – even on the init patch.

I found out you need to run a callibration after installing the new firmware. Now things sound like they should. Just thought I would mention this in case anyone else has a hard time with instructions like me.


This is very relatable. I’m glad that you shared it.


Cheers for that. I had noticed some volume jumps.