Novation Peak


Yes this was a known issue with the first OS.
OS 1.1 they introduced a master level setting within the menu. Options are 0,-3,-6db.
I had the issue but rectified by lowering the master db in the settings.
See if that helps


Thanks Cyclone - however in my case it was due to my stupidity. My peak sounds great - I was just running it at too-high gain into the analog heat without compensating the input level. (I actually forgot it was patched into it)

Damnit I am a write off today. Awesome synth - sigh


Haha all good


Any Peak users got the Stand?

Was thinking about grabbing one to clear some desk space and get it at the same angle as my DT.


No not necessary imo
I use a standard adjustable laptop stand like this one.
Cost about $15 and works perfectly.
Nearly exactly the same width and adjusts to any height and angle.
I also like the timber end cheeks which need to be removed for the Novation stand


yeah cool, get to keep the wood end cheeks also. :wink:


Haha, just added that in my post also
Got a black one, looks better than the grey one


Hey Psyclone, i really love your short Peak demos!
I have a few questions and would love to hear your opinion!
I would like to know, what do you think now of the peak, since you already got one for a while.
Do you use it often?
I ordered a Virus ti 2 which i will get in a month, (as far as I know you have a virus too). Does it make sens to get a peak if you already own a Virus?
Are the two complement each other, or can I make the “same” sounds with the Virus?
Would you buy it again?
Are there any major problems or bugs with the peak, or do you still like it?
I really like the interface of the peak and it is in the top 3 of my “must have” list. I think the interface is pretty awesome for live performance.
Would love to hear opinion about this, since we are in the same music genre.

I try to make my music with Hardware only, (OT mk2 as Sequenzer) plus some other synths (Blofeld,A4, Sh01a, Pulse2, and a few others), if this is important…
(Sorry for my English, it`s not my native language)


The Peak is really good.
It is built like a tank and the interface is fantastic.
It compares well to the Virus TI.
The Virus is more powerful in certain ways I.e. filter types, effects, modulation routings etc.
The Peak has the obvious advantage of analog filter and VCAs.
Which brings me to the main advantage for me of the Peak over the Virus.
Peak has analog filter FM, applied to the filter by one of the OSC and it sounds really good.
Actually the best analog filter FM I have heard. Really musical and easy to control. Just a little really takes a patch to another level.
The Peak has the best reverb I have heard on a hardware synth also, sounds almost as good as my Eventides
I have just sold my Virus TI actually for 2 reasons.
The first is I have just got back into Eurorack and wanted to fund some modules, the second is I can obtain the Virus sounds in my favourite VST’s these days.
As a hardware synth the Virus TI is still pretty much untouched though.
So powerful and can create any sound, except filter FM :wink:


Thank you very much, for your detailed response!
Sounds like the Peak is really awesome! I love FM sounds, especially if they sound metallic, like the patch/demos you posted in this thread :wink:
The reverb sounds fantastic, i listen to some demos on YouTube. I like plugins like Serum, Massive and Waldorfs Largo, but I love to have something similar in hardware form, and I guess the Virus is probably the best I can get. (I`m still hope that there will be a revival of Digital Hardware synths).
I try to stay away from modular and use Reaktor as substitute :slight_smile:


It would be so awesome…


Demod the unit before release and while I appreciated the hands on control and awesome reverb the patches i created which were specifically directed at modulating the pitch didnt sound much different to my ears than my Supernova 2. Greater mod capabilities than the sn2 and much better distortion so it can really bite but i felt at the time that the Oxford oscillators were a techy gimmick because in reality end users rarely care how the waveforms are generated as long as they do the job aliasing etc. However great to see novation pushing higher end synths again.


Wish the peak had more then just two lfo`s. I just realised that the Novation Peak has a CV-input. But there is only one. But if I would like to Sequenz it via Analog Four, I would need at least one CV for pitch plus a second CV input for gate. I never worked with CV. Or can I use one of the pedal inputs for gate? For what is the CV input in the peak?

Edit: Just found out that the cv input can be used as modulation source, that’s pretty cool!


Yeah that’s definitely where Peak could improve.
Only 2lfos isn’t enough for modulation on any synth, particularly on a synth this powerful
Am hoping in an OS update they can squeeze a few more in
Yes Peak has 1 CV in which I mainly send another lfo from my modular.
A guy developed a max4live control device for the Peak. I use this as well as max4live lfo’s etc to further modulate Peak from within Ableton


If you have a Virus you definitely don’t NEED the Peak
It’s just another synth with internal building blocks to create sound.
You can create as many diverse sounds with the TI, if not more than the Peak.
If I was just receiving a TI2 I would focus first on learning it inside out, because it’s an absolute beast.


As far as I know are the lfo`s calculated via a FPGA Chip. If Novation is able optimize some code or rewrite parts of the code in Assembler, then it could be possible to squeeze out another LFO. Access did achieve this (If i remember correctly, they even added two additional envelopes. Plus a lot of new effects, formant and vowel filters!).

I will never get why current Synthesizer have only three or mostly less LFOs. Its something extreme simple to program and very cheap to integrate, especially if they are"digital".
But I guess I can try to use the CV via Analog four and plock`s to modulated the Peak. Plus the two animate buttons on the peak!


Yes your probably right. I heard so many people say that the Virus is the most versatile Digital synth on the marked. If there is a “better” synth out there with more possibilities please let me know! I actually expected a Virus ti 3, but i read a articel on the system architecture of the Virus. It looks like the DSP chips are soon obsolete and a new virus would like a complete redesign of system and code. Basically building a complete new synth from ground up! All previous models are build on the same code and access just added features. Everything in assembly (harder to code as height level programming language like C++) written by kemper himself (at least on the first Virus). Of course I still hope there will be a sequel, but they make a lot of money with the amps. More then they made with synths. Anyway I waited very long and since there is not even a rumor about a ti3, I thought i just buy it now (the Desktop version). Unfortunately they currently have some delivery problems and I have to wait until mid or end of december. I even read the manual :wink:
Do I need the peak, no probably not. But i really would love to get one. My dream is to use the OT to sequence the Virus in multimode and the Peak for the voice I like to manipulate live.
So I don’t have to switch through the Virus multimode to make changes(this will be done via the midi cc via OT). And there is the GAS… Only when I have everything I will realize that it dosn`t make me happy or make my music sound better :wink:


Yes development pretty much ceased when Kemper bought Access.
I have pretty much given up on a TI3 now.
Seems there is more money to be made in guitar amps unfortunately


I read a really interesting interview with kemper in german, he said he always wanted to be some kind of rockstar. Maybe we should use his ego against him, tell him that he’s to old to be “cool” and that he isn`t capable to build a good synth. Hopeing that he finally build the ti3 in order to prof that we are wrong :wink:


Mmm…not 100% sure
Read it years ago and presumed so