Novation Peak


Different uses for different people of course. With this many features there are bound to be some that people don’t find useful. For me the animate buttons were one of many selling points for me. I was looking at getting a DeepMind 12 over the Peak and the subtle performance options actually swayed me to the Peak (among many other features of course). I just love being able to reach over and trigger a sudden jump in various parameters. Almost like the performance mode on the RYTM. I have been thinking about getting a variable pedal to be able to fade in certain parts to get back that extra control the animates don’t offer.

I think I did see the animates in the MIDI control list so yes you should be able to sequence them. Which honestly I didn’t think much about till now. This could create a very interesting result when sequenced and you don’t need to sequence a ton of different parameters to accomplish that. Just send the one CC and the Peak handles the other details. Good for keeping down MIDI traffic.


I just bought a PEAK. :alien:


hey me too


Nice, don’t forget to write your initial impressions!

I’m thinking about buying one as my first synth.


Have had my Peak for two weeks and TOO BUSY TO BE AT THE STUDIO - sucks.


I’m thinking of getting the Roli Seaboard Block with polyphonic aftertouch as a keybed controller for this module.


Ive been looking for a new synth lately.
And the two I’ve settled on are Novation Peak, and Deepmind12
But only obviously gonna get one.

To my ears, the DM demos all sound infinitely more pleasing. +1 DM
But the look/feel/knobs of the Peak is definitely better. +1 Peak
Price wise / Analog wise +1 DM
Wicked filter +1 Peak

Im torn.
Anybody own either of these and can think of immediate drawbacks they didn’t like.
I’m leaning towards the DM, but damn the Peak is beautiful lol


I feel the opposite, I’ve preferred almost all the Peak demos I’ve heard!


Ill agree with you on the demo patch videos.
But videos where someone has created patches, the DM always sounds way more lush to me. I dunno.
Peak sounds ‘tinny’ and more like a VST to me. But it could also just be the quality of the videos Im watching.

You have any good example ones that won you over for the Peak?


Well now Im even more torn. Blofeld is multi-timbral and half the price.

Anyone here own a blofeld? Any negaitves besides menu diving?


If you are going to get hardware get something with lots of controls on the front, it is easier to edit and invites experimentation more.

The DM12 sounds good but its more limited in its timbre range compared to the peak which has wavetables, 3 oscillators and FM between oscillators and filters.

The DM12 has a much more simple 1 and a half oscillators, and while it has more modulation options what is the point if you can only modulate 1 and a half oscillators with the classic analog waveforms?

So to me the Peak is really the best of both in terms of features and possibilities. And probably the best polyphonic synth with analog filters around.

The blofeld is a very fine synth but it is tedious to program it.


Yeah, the Mylar Melodies one that I posted further up the topic:

I remember hearing one good DM12 demo on YT but I can’t find it now…


I agree. I really do love the Peak.
And if it came down to instant gratification and tweakability, it would be a no brainer.

But the Blofelds multi-timbre capability is winning me over I think.
Up to 25 voices on all 16 channels!? Man, why dont all modern synths do this!?? Its 2017!

If the peak did even just 8 multi-timbral, then it would also be a no brainer for the Peak.


Blofeld gets a lot of praise but it looks completely uninspiring to me… I probably couldn’t work with it.

I am also considering the Peak because I really like it’s form factor and interface, now that looks like an inspiring instrument! However, I haven’t heard anything interesting come out of it in the videos I watched. It’s kinda expensive too.

I’ll probably get a DM12 now that they are below 1000 Euros. Not a fan of Behringer, but I think it’s the best bang for buck out there right now.


I agree with all 3 things you said…pretty much exactly.

Peak looks awesome, feels amazing and is intuitive. Sound…generally ok, but nothing too special, and mostly ‘tinny’ to my ears.
Behringer, best bang for buck, plus fully analog. Alright interface…Sounds lush.
Blofeld, shitty interface, Looks like a lab scale for weighing drugs…but sounds amazing, and 25 voice, multi-tibre!!!

In the end, it really should all come down to sound, since we’re making music here.
So the blofeld should be the no-brainer, at half the price, and triple the polyphony. (not to mention it can now load samples too)

But something about it…I dunno. Its fugly as sin.


I struggled with the Blofeld. Nothing wrong with how it sounds, and it has a huge range, but I didn’t like the interface.


That is the main point. If you have an awesome synth which you just cannot tolerate working with - then it’s not worth it in my opinion. I have an FS1R and… I’m using it only for the presets because the UI is from the nineties - it’s just horrible.

I got the Peak partly because Novation clearly did their homework with the UI - it’s awesome to work with!


Couldn’t agree more, my first thoughts were “what a well-designed synthesizer”.

I’ve had a little play with a DM12 in a shop and my first impression wasn’t great, to be honest. I think I was hoping that it would be a bit more like a modern Juno than it is. It didn’t seem to have the character or warmth or the simplicity, the interface seemed fussy, the presets were drenched in mediocre-sounding effects and it looked cheap and kind of ugly to me. I know people can get some nice sounds out of it but that first encounter really killed my GAS for it.


For what i know…it eats any Analog Keys for Breakfast.


has anyone else with Peak notice any clipping eg pads with low pass filter and high resonance causing a clipping/distortion effect that improves if you reduce the master volume?