Novation Peak


A question about the peak, because I’m planning on purchasing one soon. Could you send cc from the octatrack to add more modulation posibilities?


Yeah it sends and receives midi cc from all parameters


awesome, sounds like a great addition, I’ve been on the fence between one of these and the blofeld


Christoph Kemper is the inventor of the Accsess Virus. When he was 14 he had a ski accident, he used this Time to learn programming assembler language on a c64. He was keyboard player in a few bands and wanted to become a rockstar, but he’s also a nerd. He then got a DX9 for his 15 birthday, which was his first synthesizer.He studieied electronics. Later in life he got a job at Waldorf. He Lernd a lot about DSP programming. If I remember correctly he then created a prototyp of the Virus and teamed up with a friend who already had a company called Access midi tools.
They changed the name to access and later kemer founded Kemper amp.


Interesting. Then why the hell doesn’t he make a TI3??


The virus is a fine synth, but the current market demands hands on control, and the virus for its price offers too few knobs.


This is a general hardware synth question, but specifically asking about the Peak since it is on the top of my list. I’ve been sending program / patch changes from my new DT to iPad synths and that works great in most cases. On a hardware synth, though, how does that work usually? Obviously the knobs don’t move themselves. Do the software values adjust to match the requested patch, and then if a knob is turned then the physical knob “re-enables” and takes precedent again?


That’s generally how it works, yes. On some synths the value will stay ‘latched’ until the knob/encoder meets the patch value, and on some synths the value will jump as soon as the knob is turned.


One of only a few demos I have to listen regularly! I‘m absolutely in love with this short sequence! Any chance that this will be used in one of your tracks?
Seriously of all demos on in the net, this is my absolute favourite and always brings back the GAS :wink:

Ps. I‘m very happy with my Virus, thanks again for your quick comparison (at the bottom of this thread)!


Thanks mate


I hope the Digitone can sound as good (dirty) as this.


Ohh, thats my video. hehe. There isnt many videos showing the hard digital side of Peak, so i just wanted to show some of that.

I think Digitone will give you much more posibilites, but maybe not all those “in between” timbers Peak gives you. FM can be extremely unpredictable when you have locked ratio’s. Can be cool, but it can also be a mess.


Thank you for showing this.
If Digitone hadn’t appeared, I’d have gone for the Peak.


How can you just leave the screen protector on like that… it’s desperate to be peeled off… :okej:

Sounds great when the delay kicks in by the way.


Hehe. You should have seen my Octatrack. I never removed it before i sold it. It was on for 6 years. I’ll remove it on the Peak on the next video. Hmmm, maybe there is a marked for screen protector removal video’s!

I didnt want to use effects on this video. Everything sounds better with some delay and reverb. hehe. But i just couldnt help my self, and had to add some effects.


Nice one!


Woo, first day with my Peak and its quite “smooth”. Just playing around with filter feedback and no osc’ s is very nice.
I wonder if it will ever get any updates ?


So good :blush: ! The Peak is awesome, I love it so much.

With the Modor NF-1 that I received this week, it’s a gorgeous combo for unexplored territories :heart:


Would be cool if Novation adds a few new wavetables.


Lets see what they come up with on Superbooth…