Novation Peak


its somewhat hard to explain, the oscillators work in a circle, i.e. one modulates, two, two modulates three, three modulates four, and four modulates one again.

That is somewhat like ring modulated FM synthesis. Its a broad spectrum one can attain with it.

There is also a shape knob where you can morph through the different wave shapes, with LFO and ADSR.

They have really a lot in common. I think never the less the Peak is a very good choice, Novation also tends to have a good support, and with the circuit really delivered.


Not sure this is ring modulation you are talking of here in the update :thinking:
From what i can gather you are talking of the linear FM update the P12 received?
The linear FM of the P12 seems the same as the Peak though peak only has 3 Op FM to the P12 4 Op FM
i.e. on the Peak FM is osc 1 modulates 2, 2 modulates 3, and 3 modulates 1 again.
But the Peak can also then FM the filter from Osc 3 on top of this so that is great also. The P!2 may be able to FM the filter also?


Not that i am aware of, FM on the filter, is an oscillator modulating the cutoff frequency? Sounds like a nifty feature. Inverting the filter when its getting to squelchy.


For all who are interessed…i have mine now for a few weeks and keep in mind that the Peak is more on the Polyevolver side of Sound and less on the Rolandian Jupiter 6 side like Bass Station 2. It definately has its own fine character. Please delete all presets and judge by your own tweaking. Thank you.


Can all 8 voices be sequenced individually like on the A4? 8 midi channels?

Or can you do some combination by combining 4 voices for chords and sequencing the other 4 as mono synths?



No it’s not multitimbral


which is something i complained about in my Superbooth Video some time ago :slight_smile:

Thats the biggest letdown imho - and one of the reasons why i havent sold something yet - to buy this thing one day. 8 voices are often not necessary for a single sound. Its a shame that it doesnt have at least 4 parts like the Nord Lead. For example.


I love this thread and I am really torn between the Peak and the P12 for a premium-quality poly-synth that excels in digital and fm textures. I am researching comparisons as much as I can and would welcome any further thoughts by people who have experience with both


Yeah its tough. The main reason I went for the Peak module over the P12 module was price and knobs. If a good deal comes up on a second hand P12 module i will probably buy it also. So to answer your question buy both haha
Not being multitimbral is not relevant for me personally, as i only work alongside a DAW and always play and record one part at a time anyway. Have multitimbral synths but never use them that way anyway.
Its a personal workflow thing though


I was able to update my Peak with a Chromebook. Couldn’t be simpler. Just open Components in Chrome, plug in the Peak and it shows up connected like you would expect.

Components is actually pretty cool. You can save patches to your computer as well as to the cloud. After fighting with the Minilogue patch librarian and never actually being able to get it to connect to the Mini, components is a welcome change.


Just expanding more on comparison between Peak and the Prophet 12.
The Peak has 2 LFO’s and 3 envelopes (one amp env, the other 2 are assignable).
I am finding I would like more LFO’s and env’s on the Peak. With 16 mod slots available and all the parameters onboard it would be great to have a few more available for modulation duties.
Just checked the P12 specs and it has 4 LFO’s and 4 envelopes.
With synths this powerful these extra modulation sources really come in handy.
P12 for the win there


Ah yes good point. Looks like the peak has that "animate’ feature that can mix up the assignments a bit during a performance?


In all honesty the animate buttons are a gimmick for me. Don’t think I’ll bother programming those. Just an on/off switch so very limited


yeh I see that. Although if it is midi controllable via something like digitakt -it might be used for step-sequence based variations I guess?


Another Peak patch I made


Hey @psyclone001 I went to your awesome soundcloud channel because I have been really inspired by these rhythmic FM patches. I listened to them when I was driving etc then I thought “Hey Why don’t I see if I can do something similar on the Digitakt”.

So I used your Peak Patch 2 as inspiration and made this sound file only using digitakt.

My goal was to try to use the same principles you mentioned above - using the stock FM single cycle waveforms with different samples on each trig and the LFO modulates bit depth reduction to give more high frequency variance. the Sub bass is a stock DT sample. also I ran it through the RYTM compressor because you know, why not. Took me about 15 mins. What it really lacks is all that metallic complexity (due to it not being real FM with all those nuances of course) but I still think it captures some of the ‘feel’ of it at least. Still on the fence about peak v P12 too.

Hey from Adelaide btw!

Digitakt Overbridge enabled

Hey thanks mate.
I’ve been posting patches only showcasing wavetable FM type patches mainly because I couldn’t really find any demos showing this side of the Peak when I was interested in buying it.
Everyone seems to be showcasing the more bread and butter stuff, which it does well, but not what I bought it for personally.
Flattered you had a crack at making something similar on the DT :slight_smile:
I can definitely hear the similarity in the sounds and structure there. Sounds cool.
Yeah you can’t expect the DT to quite match a dedicated synth, but cool sounds anyway :grinning:


Here’s another Peak patch I made showing some more FM


Do you think such FM sounds could be make with an A4 or should i buy a Peak ??


Been waiting for this vid. Does not disappoint.