Novation circuit monostation
How 'bout them apples
Just when I thought I’ll ditch the ms20mini and get the toraiz as1 a wild monostation appears!
Looking really nice, and I’m a fan of the circuit
Whadya think?

Good to see both CV GATE / MIDI out on the back to sequence external gear. Line in to use the analog filters, seems like it ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Ohhh pretty…

Really ugly. It’s gotta be fake right?

CDM have an updated article now, looks not much bigger than the original circuit $499-

This actually looks really interesting to me


Ooh, a paraphonic Bass Station II meets Circuit…

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I hope it has CV control over posting my vacation pictures on facebook via ‘the cloud’ :ecstatic:

Seriously though looks quite ok, not really a fan of the BS2 so doubt this will interest me sonically, not really into those crunchy thin/phat overdriven wobble basses, I’d have preferred a new analog synth personally. The sequencer on Circuit was the most interesting part for me and I’d like to have seen more development in that area, such as a LCD and some fleshed out functionality such as step conditions etc.

Still I think this product will do well, nice to see Clock in and out as well as note and gate out, a Circuit 3 track CV sequencer though with no synth would have been more interesting to me.

I think the bass station 2 is great, and I he idea of the modulation sequencer is cool too! I already have a bass station 2 so I am not personally interested but it looks cool for sure.

And I 100% disagree with the above ^ the bass station is a very capable mono synth and can do ore than garbage dubstep wobbles.

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Undoubtedly the BS2 can do more than just those sounds, and the new Circuit can too, perhaps that was a little unfair, although it does seem to be a sound over represented in many analog synth demos.

The BS2 is dope. When my friend got one, I listened to him playing it and thought “this sounds just like my moog little phatty! for the price it’s a steal”. No doubt this is going to be a fun box.

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What up Juan!
It looks great but I think for me it would be redundant. If I didn’t already have the circuit and microbrute this would be great because it’s almost the same thing in one box. I do wish I had cv out on the circuit though, I’d run it to my werkstatt.

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honest question: is it naive to think of this as a minitaur with inbuilt sequencer? i don’t own a minitaur but was thinking of getting one for bass as an A4 companion

i’m a bit confused by this… can you only sequence both osc’s seperately or combined as one as well as one track for modulation, so a max of 3 tracks? is there any tracks for sequencing external gear? also think its lacking some fx, a delay or reverb at least. wasn;t very impressed with the novation demo guy

The Sonic State review makes the Monostation seem like a lot of fun, especially the CV control options from the sequencer.

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Anyone got one? Thoughts?

This video from ‘loopop’ gives a fantastic overview. Well worth a watch!


I recently got one. Loving it!

Being used to the Machinedrum and Monomachine it’s a breeze to program the Mono Station. Smart and direct sequencer that works great for quickly trying out stuff and playing it live.

Sound is awesome. Instantly gives me the bassline punch that takes me such great effort and external processing to get out of the Monomachine. I’m running it through a stereo delay and reverb to add space and I’m loving it.

For a bit of criticism I’d say I wish the distortion had more bite. I tend to find it quite timid. But I have an Analog Heat to fix that :wink:
16-step patterns can be limiting, though it’s easy to chain patterns. I like the pad grid a lot for firing patterns.

Haven’t recorded anything yet but will post here when I do.