Nord Micro Modular

I’m about to buy the micro modular :slight_smile:

Just wanted to hear if anyone uses the nord modular series as a audio processor here at forum ?

My main plan is to use it as a effect machine, but never know what will happen when the patching begins. :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to receiving it !


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processing inputs takes a back seat when you can see what you can chuck out from its own engine, mighty mighty mighty devices, there’s now an osx friendly editing route too, incredible box for the money, helpful fb group out there too

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I got a micromodular at a yard sale a while back for, no shit, $25 bux [yes, you read that right] and i’ve always been a huge fan.

i still have the thing in a box somewhere but i don’t have a computer that’ll run the software anymore which is kind of a shame… i should dig it out again and see if i can figure something out.

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@Dust Ward
You can run it through wine if you are using a mac !

Arhhh, I cant wait !!!

I am having luck using the most recent 3rd party editor on current OS X

Has a few glitches but mostly very useful.

I have a G2 engine, and I keep one of its slots loaded with a giant FX processing patch with my OT’s cue output running through it.

Nord modular is AWESOME for processing. The micromodular doesn’t have any delay or verb FX, but I love it for filter, phaser, vocoder, all manner of distortion, etc. Really cool stuff.

Here’s something to try on day 1: route drums through a wavefolder with an envelope follower patched to the fold amount. Mix in the clean signal to get back the low end if you need it. And saturate to taste at the end. I love that sound.


I think this: (Original editor through Wine)

…is better than Nomad. :smiley:


Have had a micro modular since the beginning of time and will never sell it.
Have had 2 g2’s over the years also that I have since sold.
I prefer the Nord g1 sound over the g2. Roughly equivalent to Nord 2 vs Nord 3.
Won’t go into this as its been discussed pretty heavily over the last 10 years.
The Nord modular is still the pinnacle of digital synthesis to this day imo.
Pretty much any sound imaginable can be created with this tiny box.
Absolute bargain second hand. Paid about $100US for my latest one. Incredible!! Works awesome with Windows 10 also

The Nord g1 rack and keyboard are identical sonically to the micro modular.
The micro can load any patch the rack and keyboard can.
The difference being the g1 rack and keyboard are 4 part multitimbral whereas the micro is only 1 part, or 4 vs 1 patch on the micro. The rack and keyboard allow more voices also I think.
This doesn’t worry me at all as I prefer to record 1 part at a time in a DAW anyway, and haven’t noticed a voice problem either.
Best to give the micro a good go and see if you hit any limitations.
If so step up to the rack or keyboard. But either way keep the micro, such a sick little device.

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Wow, not sure if this is common knowledge for Mac users but it seems that there is a Mac OSX beta editor for the Nord G1 modular on the Nord website.
Not sure how long this has been available but when I had my Mac a little over a year ago this wasn’t available. I had to keep my Windows laptop in the studio to run the editor.
Could be common knowledge for you Mac guys but if not give it a go.


100% the best experience on Mac, ever, is using the windows program with wine :white_check_mark:
That version of the editor was always superior

The mac beta has been around for ages and is a pita for crashing

NMEdit or Nomad is half baked, but superior in some aspects (just unfinished)

Things have moved on since it’s been discussed a few times on here, for example here, now the wine install includes the midi patch that users had to add themselves … now it’s a piece of cake, even simpler when using winebottler

As @CarlMikaelBjork says, get the lowdown from electro-music or head to the Facebook group


Ah thought may have been old news.
I use a PC but remember the issues I had with my modular and Mac, so wasn’t sure if this was a good option for Mac users or not.

Ahh, the venerable NMM. I even bought a used getac industrial laptop to permanently use as an editor for it. Should setup that thing into our project studio one of these days.

this thread is rekindling my GAS for a nord of some sort… maybe even just the nord lead 1 or 2…

Waiting on the analog heat to come out, then might built a clone in the Nord modular :wink:
It has some great distortion algorithms.

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[quote=“bradleyallen, post:19, topic:9532, full:true”]
I found my 1 and 2 racks for pretty cheap ($375 and $450).[/quote]

It’s tempting to get the rack version, but I’d love to get the keyboard version, just so I can have something to play as one unit. Technically my monomachine can make all of the sounds I’d make on a nord lead anyway, but there’s just something about having a nice red keyboard synth that appeals to me at the moment, gah!

It doesn’t have midi out so you can only sequence internal stuff with it. Still worth it though.

Yeah, but he does say he has a G1 & G2, which does have external MIDI sequencing :thup:

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Don’t own a G2, but I got the G2 demo up and running in Wine. So I suppose it’s doable.

^ ditto :thup: