Noob questions


Usually i have 2 sends (delay / reverb) in all my tracks, so i would have to sacrifice 2 channels to achieve the same result i used in Ableton… I really miss both effects as send/return instead of putting it after the sound generator. Will give this method a try, thank you !


Let’s suppose you will perform a two-hour set only with autoral material in the Octa (this is one of my goals, by the way).

I see there is a limited quantity of arrangements per project, so as far as i understood, you can left ‘prepared’ a limited count of songs, which likely is not enough for 2 hours.

And as far as i know so far, you can’t change projects without stopping the sound.

What you guys would do in this scenario ? Use a echo pedal while the Octa change projects ? :stuck_out_tongue:


You can set several songs in one Arrangement.
External little sampler for transition…


You just don‘t change Projects.

My workflow for such situation would be to try to put everything I want to play on a gig into one project and distribute it on the banks (I guess with OctaEdit?). Loading projects takes tooooo long.


It is possible to combine projects but it is very boring.
Octaedit is the best for project management, for sure.


really? Can you give a hint how to to that ITB? Since OctaEdit is on freeze right now for new customers…


Setting up the OT to perform live with


Thanks for the answers, i’m looking the suggested topic.

Another question : Let’s say i have a 32 steps pattern. I programmed the first 16 steps and want to copy that to the second part of the 32 steps pattern ; is there a way to do it ? I know how to copy patterns, but not a PART of the pattern…


It’s really a case of I can’t provide 100% support to new users right now due to v2 Beta testing and personal reasons; and I want everyone to be happy.


If you press Scale button + Rec button in Grid Recording mode you can copy trigs you can see.
Read the manual (again?)


So duplicate the first half of the Pattern to the second half of the Pattern?


That’s where my question is : i have a 32-step pattern only with 16-step programmed. If i copy the pattern and paste, it will paste a 32-step patter half-programmed. What i want is to duplicate the first half into the second half. Is there a way to do it without having to copy the first half’s trigger one by one ?


In [Grid Recording Mode ]

Copy Track Pages by holding [ Page ] and pressing [ Rec/Copy ]

Paste Track Pages by holding [ Page ] and pressing [ Stop/Paste]


Thank you ! :smiley:


if I promise you to not produce any additional support work …would it change your mind? :thinking:


Quite possibly… let me sleep on it?

Because if I let you, I should let other people, and thus write up something nice to that affect.


I might put it back up now that OSX and Windows are both running beta builds…


So here we are for another noob sessions !

I have my Rytm plugged on the Octa , Octa is master, Rytm is slave. When i start playing Octa, Rytm starts. When i change the pattern on Octa, Rytm changes to the same pattern.

Everything was working fine until yesterday when i messed up some configuration and now the pattern changing is not happening : /

Here is the setup :

Transp : Send
Clock : Send
Prog Ch : Send

Clock receive : checked
Transport receive : checked
Proc Ch receive : checked

I don’t remember exactly where i change something before the problem starts, but was something i changed in Rytm, not Octa i believe…

Is there someplace i could try to search to find out what is causing this issue ?

Thanks in advance !


Hmm … Make sure you have midi input and outputs set to MIDI+USB?


Thanks for the idea, but i think if this was the problem, the start sync would not be working and it’s working… only the program changes are not.